What Can Happen to Your Brain if You Drink Too Much

· September 21, 2014

For many people, alcohol is a very enjoyable beverage. But for other people, it is a vile poison that brings out the darkest side of the most respectful gentleman or the most delicate lady. In this article, we’ll talk about what can happen to your brain if you drink too much.

Alcohol may be considered fatal for people’s health. Skeptics always claim that this is a fairy tale that companies or businesses use to take advantage of people. But what is certain is that as time goes on, liquor may even cause senile dementia for big drinkers.

According to some recent studies, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause serious diseases in your body. Among these are cancer, as well as cognitive decline, irreversible brain damage, and memory loss. This fatal vice was also announced by the Spanish Scientific Society for Research on Alcohol. They also declared that alcohol is a time bomb for the body and it is more fatal when it is mixed with another type of hallucinogen since they can dilate the arteries too much and cause hemorrhages in the entire body.

Some data in Europe revealed that alcohol is one of the main causes of death in some countries on this continent since there is a larger number of automobile accidents and this increases the number of deaths every year.

Dr. Antonio Terán, secretary of SOCIDROGALCOHOL and coordinator of the San Juan de Dios Addiction Center in Palencia, compiled the following list.

Mental Disorders Caused by Alcohol

Temporary Psychotic Episodes

They happen to almost twenty-five percent of the patients that completely depend on the drink.

Korsakoff’s Syndrome

The most obvious symptoms are constant confusion, confusion when remembering important or recent events, and lastly the creation of tricks to hide from reality.

Wernicke Syndrome

It is completely characterized by confusion; lack of coordination and balance are two of the most obvious characteristics of this syndrome. It can cause ocular paralysis and other disorders in the body.

Depression and low self esteem are other symptoms that may arise as a side effect of drinking too much alcohol, as well as any other substance that can cause hallucination or delirium.


Alcohol is the cause of millions of victims a year. It is involved in homicides, attacks, and even abuse. This beverage is not something to get value and energy from or feel good. It is not meant to do things our body and mind normally can do. It is not a crime to drink it sometimes, but it is necessary to know how to control how much alcohol you drink so you don’t do stupid things or affect your body, or damage it as well.