Build Your Calf Muscles in a Month

14 September, 2018
Regardless of the exercises you choose to build your calf muscles, it’s essential that you do plenty of stretching to avoid cramps and injuries

Toned legs and well-defined calf muscles create a streamlined figure and are the basis for good posture in both men and women.

The way you walk can dictate the health and structure of your body. That’s why it’s important to build your calf muscles with a little effort and perseverance.

In today’s article, we’ll share an exercise routine with you that will help you tone and build these muscles while shaping your legs so they look even better.

Exercises to build calf muscles

This routine will build your calves in just a month while also providing the following health benefits:

  • Burn calories and fat
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels
  • Strengthen your joints
  • Tone your leg muscles

1-Climbing stairs

calf muscles
Without a doubt, one of the best exercises to build calf muscles is to go up and down the stairs. This is an affordable and risk-free activity that you can practice almost anywhere.

This should be the first exercise you adopt because you can do it every day.

  • We suggest that you stop using elevators and start toning your calves on the stairs instead.
  • Remember that you use different muscle groups going up and down stairs, so make sure to combine the two.

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2-Walk around town or go hiking

Man hiking in nature

Hiking, which consists of following trails through the countryside or a mountain, is one of the best sports you can choose to strengthen your legs. In addition to physical activity, it provides an inner sense of calm while you’re in nature.

If it’s not possible for you to get out of the city, however, you can at least walk for a half hour every day. This will motivate you to visit new places and give yourself a little reward along the way.


Whether it’s in the city, on a trail, or on a stationary bike at the gym, a little biking will improve your cardiovascular health and develop your leg muscles.

  • Remember that it’s important to wear the appropriate clothes and helmet if you’re going to practice this sport.
  • Having a good bicycle is also key.



You already know that swimming helps tone the muscles of your entire body.

This is one of the most complete sports because you work all the muscles involved at the same time. It also improves your coordination, increases lung capacity and function, and helps your heart perform better.

5-Ankle weights

There are many different kinds of weights that can be placed around your ankles using Velcro or a strap. You can do all sorts of activities with these on, and the added weight will work your calf muscles even harder.

  • Remember to start with low weight to prevent injuries or cramps, and don’t forget to stretch before and after. This will help develop your muscles to their maximum potential.

6-Squats with jumps


This exercise will build your calves quickly because the explosive movements will intensify the effort of your muscles.

  • Flex your knees and lower your hips to the floor as close as possible, then jump vertically.
  • When you land, go into the squat position again and repeat.
  • You can start with four sets of 12 repetitions.

You’ll notice the improvement in a short time.

7-Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a complete exercise that tones and strengthens the legs with just a few days of practice. It improves your balance as well as your physical strength.

Jumping rope requires direct effort from your calf muscles and also improves your cardiovascular health. That’s why some of the most intense sports, such as boxing, use jump rope workouts for training.



The elliptical machine is designed to cover a large range of movements and works the calves as well as the arms. This exercise will also reduce any risk of injury.

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