We Were All Born with Wings, but Sometimes Life Takes them Away

· December 1, 2016
Even though we’ve lost the innocence and illusions of childhood with each new phase of our lives, our wings can grow once again and help us to be free

Everyone comes into this world with wings. As children, we have an innocent gaze and a heart and mind that are full of dreams and goals, which we are eager to achieve as adults.

Whether you achieve them or not depends on a lot of different things: your attitude, strength, motivation, support, a pinch of luck, and the right personal and social contexts.

Of course it’s not easy. Being born with wings and having them throughout your whole life is no simple task.

Every disappointment, every stone in the road, and every betrayal can pluck your feathers away until you eventually lose that breath that once gave strength to your dreams.

One thing that’s good to remember is that the people who should never lose their wings are children. Childhood should be that wonderful time when you believe anything that you imagine is possible.

Today we invite you to think about this.

Born with wings to achieve your dreams

The brain of a child has an exceptional gift that will help them through their childhood and adolescence.

This gift is the power of learning, or neuroplasticity, and it is during this time that you must stimulate their capabilities to the max in order to allow them to grow and develop the wings to fly.

It’s been said that the people who most often cut the wings of children are family members and the modern educational system itself.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

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Families that enable, families that disable

You’ve probably already heard about democratic versus dictatorial education. These are two very different educational styles where children internalize a set of values that can affect how they develop into adults.

  • Families that enable their children respect their children’s emotional needs and dreams.
  • They offer them roots and security based on recognition and respect, opening doors so that their children can achieve what they want to. Of course, this is always under guidance of an adult.
  • A disabling family, on the other hand, has a life plan laid out for their children, who must be made to fit into their schemes.

They don’t take their child’s thoughts into account or their need to enjoy this time of childhood. They temporarily “clip” their wings, seeing their dreams as if they were “nonsense,” and they steer them toward more concrete goals in life.

If you’ve experienced this type of upbringing and education during childhood or early adolescence, you might see yourself as being limited in life, or not as capable or deserving to achieve your dreams.

3-girl-in-woodsReplace the wings that have been lost

Your wings never disappear entirely. After you get through childhood or adolescence, there will always be new opportunities for those who continue to rely on themselves and believe in their right to be happy.

  • Wings will continue to grow with each new dream, with every step you take with security and poise in the belief that you deserve something much better.
  • In order to heal those injured wings that have lost their feathers, you first of all need to figure out if the people around you give wind to your flight or take it away.
  • A complicated emotional relationship, a family member who still controls you, or a few friends who care more about their own self-interests than the common good are all aspects that can greatly impinge on your self-esteem.
  • Make yourself a priority. Convince yourself every day that your happiness is a worthwhile endeavor.
  • If there’s someone by your side who’s going to pluck another feather to stop your personal growth, review the situation and see if it’s worth the effort. It could be time to make a decision.
It might also be necessary to remember something important. Sometimes, in order to recover the wings you’ve lost, you have no choice but to “take flight,” and this is something that you’ll have to do alone.

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  • By daring to fly we mean making a change. Changing your surroundings, your friends, or even your attitude.
  • Once you take that first step toward change you’ll feel so much more free, without that toxic baggage or rocks in your shoes.
  • This inner well being is so pleasant and rewarding that, almost without realizing it, you’ve recovered your wings again.

Your wings are ready to fly you to your dreams.