The Best Natural Peels

They are applied within minutes and the results are truly amazing. Find out what the best natural peels are in this article.
The Best Natural Peels

Last update: 02 April, 2019


A natural exfoliation or “peel” is an excellent idea for getting rid of imperfections on your face, like dark spots or acne, and it is also a good option for reducing wrinkles or expression lines. Peels are very easy to make: they are applied within minutes and the results are truly amazing. Find out which peels are the best natural peels for you in this article.

What Does a Peel Do?

A peel means a face mask or exfoliant. It helps remove dead skin layers from your skinPeels may also result in a prettier face without dark spots, marks, acne, blackheads, scars, and even wrinkles.

Although it is true that peels are found in beauty centers, often involving a laser, or may contain other ingredients that are very corrosive to your skin, you can take advantage of the benefits of fruit, vegetables, and other foods to get similar results or even better ones.

You should have a clean face before doing a peel. We recommend washing your face with neutral soap and warm water. There should be no makeup on your face and it should be completely dry.

We also recommend exfoliating on a day that you are not going to leave the house, like on the weekend, so that the sun does not damage your recently treated skin. Once you finish the treatment, you can use a moisturizing cream (homemade or store bought) to protect your skin.

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Peels are generally done on the face but you can also do exfoliations on your arms, shoulders, back, neck, etc.

The Best Natural Peels

  • Exfoliating cornflour and lemon recipe: you will need the juice from one lemon, a tablespoon of sugar, a tablespoon of cornflour, two tablespoons of rosewater, and a few drops of essential lemon oil. Mix the flour with the rosewater until you get a well mixed paste. Add the sugar, juice, and the essential oil last. Mix it all together and put it on your face by massaging it in circles. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with cool water. Use a toner to close your pores.
  • Sugar and olive oil peel: the ingredients are two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a half tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix these three in a bowl until well mixed. Apply to your face in circular movements and let sit for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water so that your pores close.


Best Natural Peels: Fruit and Salt-Based

  • Exfoliating strawberry recipe: you will need three or four strawberries, a tablespoon of natural yogurt, and two tablespoons of oatmeal. Remove stems and put the strawberries in a bowl. Mash and mix in with the yogurt and oatmeal until you get a smooth paste. You can also use a blender. Apply to your face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and repeat twice a week.
  • Salt Peel Recipe: this is used more for skin regions besides the face because it is extremely powerful. Ingredients include four teaspoons of almond oil and a few drops of lavender essence. Mix salt and the oil in a bowl. When they are mixed, add the lavender essence. To apply it, massage no more than two tablespoons at a time in circles. Once or twice a week is enough to exfoliate. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Yogurt and Salt Exfoliant Recipe: you will need natural yogurt and a tablespoon of fine sea salt. Put it all in a bowl and mix well. Apply to your skin by gentle massage and wait for 20 minutes before removing with warm water.


Best Natural Peels: Unconventional Recipes

  • Grapefruit Peel Recipe: Ingredients simply include the juice from a grapefruit and a tablespoon of sugar. When mixed well, apply to your face and let sit a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. You can repeat this three times a week and always have a rest day.
  • Tomato and Lemon Exfoliant Recipe: you will need a tomato, the juice from half a lemon, and two tablespoons of sugar. Mash the tomato in a bowl, and add the lemon and sugar. Spread on your face in circles and let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water so that your pores close.
  • Sand Peel Recipe: when you go to the beach, you can take advantage of this opportunity to do an exfoliating treatment on your legs, feet, and heels (as often as they are forgotten). Just rub the sand on gently, preferably after swimming in the ocean while your skin is still wet. With the combined exfoliating action of the salt water, you will get incredible results.

Best Natural Peels: Deep Cleanse

  • Exfoliating Coffee Recipe: it is effective and you will only need a few tablespoons of ground coffee, which you will add to your preferred moisturizing cream. Rub this mixture on your skin and wash with hot water. When there is no more cream, close your pores by using cold water. Don’t forget a toner to finalize the treatment.
  • Steam Peel Recipe: boil water in a pot and put your head above it with a towel on your head, just like what you do when you’re sick. Stay there as long as you can while being careful to not burn yourself, taking advantage of this chance to remove all your blackheads and pimples. The second alternative is to put a towel in boiling water and put it on your face for at least 15 minutes.


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