The Best Anti-cancer Vegetables

· July 7, 2015

A healthy and balanced diet is essential. High consumption of red meat is linked to the development of cancers of the pancreas, prostate, breast and kidney.

Cancer is a disease characterized by the abnormal growth of cells that no longer function normally. This abnormality results in the breakdown of the body’s natural processes, impacting the performance of the affected organ or system. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, and is believed to be caused by many factors including genetics, hormonal fluctuations, the use of tobacco or alcohol, malnutrition and emotional factors among other causes.

Millions of researchers dedicate their careers to finding the cure for cancer and new treatments are discovered daily. Research has shown that good nutrition has a lot to do with the development, prevention and treatment of cancer. What’s more, certain foods have been found to have natural properties that help in the treatment of cancer. Among the best anti-carcinogenic foods, you can find a great variety of vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other favorable elements. These foods are a great compliment to any prevention routine. Let’s explore some of these anti-cancer vegetables below. 



The anti-carcinogenic properties of carrots come from their high concentration of betacarotene and caratenoids, which are not only powerful antioxidants but also help with cell regeneration.


Raw tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a carotene, that not only gives tomatoes their red color but also has been proven to have powerful properties that help prevent prostate cancer. In addition, tomatoes’ concentration of vitamins A, C, and E and their high number of antioxidants can also help prevent other types of cancer.

Red bell peppers

red pepper isolated on white background

This vegetable is known for its many health benefits which include a powerful anti-carcinogen that is attributed to its concentration of betacarotene, capsaicin and lycopene. In addition, red bell peppers contain vitamins A and C, that create a potent antioxidant when combined with their other natural elements

Red beets

The presence of flavonoids and betanin makes red beets a great choice as an anti-cancer vegetable. Different studies have shown that red beets can have a powerful effect on the prevention of the disease, especially when combined with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Beets help cleanse the body’s systems, prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Jut like other violet-hued vegetables, eggplant is characterized by its anti-cancer properties fueled by a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, fiber and selenium.

Garlic and onion

These two foods are known for their many natural health benefits, including their antibiotic properties, and as immune boosters and natural cleansers. Both vegetables are rich in allicin, a component that contains sulfur which acts as a natural liver cleanser, helping remove toxic substances that build up in the blood and tissues and can cause cancer.



Cabbages (broccoli and brussel sprouts), cauliflower, radishes and watercress are characterized by their phytochemicals such as flavonoids, glucosinolates and bisulfate which make them key foods in the fight against cancer. These vegetables strengthen the immune system, eliminate free radicals in your system and protect cells.

Prevent cancer with healthy habits

The vegetables we’ve mentioned above are known anti-carcinogenic foods. Research has shown that their main properties help protect your body, combat cellular degeneration and already-existing cancer cells, activate your body’s defenses and help maintain your overall health.

But just because they carry the title of “anti-cancer” doesn’t mean they are miracle cures; they are simply tools to help keep your body healthy, and to be most effective, they should be paired with other healthy habits.

Eat nutritious food

Always include leafy greens and vegetables, legumes and healthy starches in your diet, as it has been proven that diets that include these elements have helped reduce the risk of developing cancer.


Exercise is the healthiest habit you can develop to help prevent cancer. In addition, it helps manage your weight, prevents cardiovascular diseases and other conditions that also put you at risk of cancer.

Limit your red meat intake

Studies have shown that those who consume a lot of red meat raise their risk of getting cancer in the pancreas, prostate, kidneys and breasts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on some of the best anti-cancer vegetables!