The Benefits of Reading at Night for Your Brain

Reading is one of the most recommended habits there is. In fact, did you know that it helps your memory and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease? Don't miss it in the following article.
The Benefits of Reading at Night for Your Brain

Last update: 16 May, 2021

A book is a great night companion for many. Browsing through its pages, enjoying stories, delving into the minds of its characters, allow us to disconnect from the mental noise that sometimes is so detrimental to us. In fact, there are many benefits of reading at night for our brain.

It’s not only a pleasurable activity: it also has many other positive aspects that most people don’t even imagine. For example, it’s a way to nourish our mind, stimulate and seduce it. We mustn’t forget that reading before going to bed is an ancient tradition. There must be a reason for this.

So, what’s the benefit of this widely practiced hobby, how does it benefit us and how does it affect our mind? Let’s take a closer look.

Main benefits of reading at night

Preparing to read before going to bed.

1. Increases empathy

Reading, no matter when, improves the reader’s level of empathy. This study by a team of researchers at the University of Toronto confirms it.

An experiment was carried out in which a group of people had to read a series of stories (some short and some longer), all of them from the literary field. This theme was chosen because the researchers considered that informative reading doesn’t contribute in the same way in the creative process.

So, the results were interesting, to say the least. Those people who were more inflexible (less tolerant) increased their level of empathy after reading certain stories.

2. Exercises your brain

Another benefit of reading at night is that exercises your brain physically as well as mentally. Just like you can perform physical activities to have a healthier, more flexible body, you can also exercise your brain to have better memory and faster response time.

When you read before going to bed, our brain is working. What at first sight seems a trivial activity is, in reality, strengthening this organ, which continues to nourish itself with knowledge and new concepts.

3. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

According to this study conducted by Dr. Khalsa, reading could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Even if it’s not possible to say for sure, as there are multiple factors that affect its appearance, it’s true that when reading, the mind is forced to think and is consequently active.

4. Helps us escape and release emotions

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mystery novel, a romance or an essay. As long as the content is interesting and motivates us to continue reading, we’ll be releasing emotions that we might not have been able to express otherwise.

Who hasn’t felt their heartbeat increase when reaching the most tense part of the narrative? How many times have we been moved by the end of a story? Reading is, to say the least, a pleasant way to release tension and immerse ourselves in a different and stimulating reality.

Woman reading in bed.

5. Encourages the acquisition of new vocabulary

Reading helps us discover new words and expand our vocabulary. In the case of the little ones, it’s a very beneficial tool for them to start becoming culturized and learn new terms that may be useful to them.

We can try reading with them, every day, for a little while. If they get used to this habit, they’ll soon start doing it on their own. In addition, it’s a good way for them to acquire good habits and not to focus so much on new technologies (such as excessive use of cell phones or computers).

Read whenever you feel like it

It’s not only advisable to read before going to sleep. Any time is a good time to enjoy the benefits of reading, whether in bed, on the sofa after lunch or in the spare time.

As the saying goes, “knowledge doesn’t take up space”. There are countless subjects and an infinite number of plots that you may find interesting, so don’t make excuses. Pamper your brain and your happiness: immerse yourself in books and discover all the benefits they can bring you.

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