The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

· July 4, 2015
Lemon water is beneficial at any time of day. If we drink lemon water before breakfast we remove toxins, regulate our metabolism and avoid the negative effects of free radicals.

Water is essential for our bodies. Going without it for just a few days is life threatening. The human body is composed of approximately 75% water at birth and approximately 60% in adulthood.

Doctors recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day (which includes the water found in fruits, juices and other foods). It’s vital for optimum health and proper functioning of the entire body.

Lemon water for the body

Lemons top the list of preventative fruits, thanks to their high vitamin C content that helps eliminate toxins and bacteria. Vitamin C strengthens the body’s defenses, helping us avoid illness and even heal wounds.

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Lemons are rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Potassium, for example, is essential for life and highly beneficial in treating arterial hypertension. In the future, lemons might possibly be referred to as medicinal, as they help heal approximate 150 diseases.

Toxins are found in all parts of the body (in the blood, organs, and tissues), but when we consume lemons, they fight back and help the body detoxify. When we’re suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort or pain in the liver and gall bladder, lemons help normalize bodily functions that have been disrupted.

Water with lemon is important when cleansing the system, according to Dr. David Jockers: “Lemon water contains citric acid, which helps clean and prevent calcium deposits that form in the arteries. When these deposits build up, it can lead to heart disease.”

Benefits of drinking lemon water

lemon home remedies

  • Helps with digestion and the removal of toxins from the digestive system.
  • When we’re nauseous or suffering from indigestion, lemon water helps neutralize these symptoms.
  • Strengthens the immune system with its high content of vitamin C.
  • Contains ascorbic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The vitamin C in lemons helps cleanse the skin and its antioxidants support clear, radiant skin.
  • Lemon juice is an effective remedy for obesity.
  • Balances the pH of the body.
  • Helps curb coffee cravings; after drinking a glass of lemon water, cravings for coffee subside.
  • Helps refresh the breath, relieve tooth pain and gingivitis.
  • Drinking lemon water with food helps reduce the glycemic index, which helps you feel fuller for longer; and in turn, lose weight.


Water and lemon provide us with many natural health benefits on their own. However, they’re even more powerful when combined into delicious lemon water. Drinking lemon water is much healthier than soft drinks that can negatively affect your health.

So the next time you’re thirsty, the best thing to do is pour yourself a glass of lemon water and enjoy. It will help you beat the heat during the day and you and your body will feel much better.