Benefits of Chia and How to Add it to Your Diet

· November 13, 2014

Chia is said to come from Mexico, where civilizations have consumed it since before the conquest of America.  It was gathered as a wild plant and converted into a staple food.  After that, it was domesticated, leading way to its harvest.  It wasn’t only used as a food, however, but it was also offered to the gods and as an oil base for making body paints.  Over time, the chia seed became vitally important for pre-Columbian economy.  But, why was it so important?

It’s basically because in comparison to other foods, this seed has significant and outstanding nutritional value.  Let’s take a look at a few of its properties:

  • Proteins: 16 grams per 100 grams of seeds
  • Omega-3
  • Fiber: 38 grams per 100 grams of seeds
  • Vitamin E: natural antioxidant
  • Calcium: perfect for preventing osteoporosis

Chia seed composition

Chia Seed Composition

That’s why the chia was a huge food for pre-Columbian cultures.  And for that same reason, it has become a very complete natural product that, whenever possible, should be incorporated in your daily diet.  But how to do so?

Chia uses

Chia seeds can generally be included in any way.  We are going going to share a few methods, however, including three perfect options for making it part of your daily routine.

  • Option #1: Soak the seeds in water because this makes a tasteless gelatinous liquid.  You can also mix it with vegetable juices or essences.
  • Option #2: These seeds can also be dried and ground, which produces a fine flour with an intense flavor, known by the name of pinole.  You can make it like a dessert.
  • Option #3: The tender branches can be eaten as a raw or cooked vegetable and can be used in salads.

Benefits of chia

Chia smoothie

1. They provide energy and increase strength and resilience.  This means they help put an end to the exhaustion from daily activities.

2. Regulate glucose levels.  By balancing sugar in the blood, you not only reduce your risk for diabetes, but you always are guaranteeing yourself constant energy throughout the day.

3. Weight loss.  Consuming chia controls anxiety, keeping stable levels of satiety and therefore, allowing you to consume less food.

4. Regulates digestion.  Due to its high fiber content, it hydrates the colon and facilitates food transit.

5. Facilitates growth and tissue regeneration during gestation and breastfeeding.

6. Helps fight signs of aging.  Chis seeds contribute to maintaining good health in general (for their antioxidants), which is why it makes it more likely to reduce signs of aging.

Don’t forget…!

Chia is a very important food thanks to its highly beneficial properties for humans.  The big problem is that society is for the most part fairly unaware of it and the high nutritive value of consuming it.  It’s important to note that chia is not a medication, which is why there are no established dosages.  It it best, however, to consume between two and five teaspoons a day.