Why You Have Bags Under Your Eyes and How to Treat Them Naturally

· April 16, 2017
We usually associate them with being tired, but bags under your eyes can actually point to deficiencies. Learn about why you have bags under your eyes and natural ways to treat them in this article.

Bags under your eyes can make you look sick and tired.

But where do they come from and how can you prevent them?

Bags under your eyes are more than just a matter of appearance. They are also an indicator of how well your organs are functioning.

Here, we’ll talk about the two types of under-eye bags, as well as how to naturally treat each of them.

Make your face more beautiful and improve your health at the same time!

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What are those bags under my eyes?

First thing first: you’ll have to look at your under-eye bags and determine whether they are a swelling problem or whether they are simply a dark color.

This will determine what treatment to use and which organ will need extra care. However, there are also some remedies that work for any type of under-eye bags, which we’ll share at the end of the article.

It’s also important to decide if they are there permanently or just on certain days, after overdoing it with rich foods or drinking.

Noticing when they show up will help you prevent them and treat them properly.

Swollen bags under your eyes

If the bags look swollen and your eyelids are also swollen, it’s probably an issue of fluid retention, and therefore improperly functioning kidneys.

It may happen occasionally, like after having an extra salty dinner, or chronically, due to a kidney issue.

If you press the bags under your eyes, you’ll be able to tell that there’s fluid underneath, since the swelling will go away for a second and then come back.

Treatment for your kidneys

To lessen the appearance of your swollen under-eye bags and improve kidney function, follow these steps:

  • Apply used green tea bags to the outside of your eyes. These can be tea bags that you’ve saved in the freezer to get the benefits of the cold as well.
  • Rest for a bit with your eyes closed and cold tea bags on top.
  • You can also apply raw potato or cucumber slices for the same effect.
  • Meanwhile, make sure you drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day, outside of your meals.
  • To improve kidney function, sip onion and celery broth and teas made of dandelion and burdock.
  • If you have pain in your lower back, you can apply heat a half hour before going to bed with a heating pad or hot water bag.

Dark circles under your eyes

The other type of bags  that you may have under your eyes are dark circles, whether bluish, brown, or even black, which point to issues with your liver and gallbladder.

These circles can be covered up with a bit of makeup, but that wouldn’t be addressing the underlying health issue.

Treatment for your liver

To improve liver and gallbladder function, follow the below tips:

  • Start your day with a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.
  • Avoid unhealthy fats like those in fried foods, commercial baked goods, margarine, and cold cuts.
  • Eat dinner early and make it light.
  • Take white sugar out of your diet completely and instead use honey, stevia, agave, etc.
  • Keep away from toxic habits like smoking and alcohol.
  • Before bed, drink tea made of bitter medicinal plants (artichoke, boldo, dandelion, milk thistle).You can also consume these herbs in supplement form.
  • Every night, apply a few drops of rosehip oil around your eyes, gently massaging it in. This oil contains antioxidants and is rejuvenating.

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Other remedies

Some ancient natural remedies can be very good at reducing the bags under your eyes, both the swollen and dark kind.

Here they are:

  • After washing your face and before applying moisturizing cream, apply a facial toner made of rosemary, rose, or witch hazel.
  • Take special care around your eye area by using sun screen and wearing sun glasses.
  • In addition, we recommend learning a few simple self-massage techniques.
  • Always sleep on a good pillow, because the height of it will help prevent fluid retention in your face.
  • During the day, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time in an inverted position to help get blood circulating in your head.