Bad Habits that Will Kill Your Relationship

October 26, 2019
A healthy relationship is based on commitment, respect, and communication. Similarly, there are threats like routine and dishonesty that are a sure way to kill love and therefore a relationship love.

Love can die as fast as it arose, and many of us don’t realize that certain attitudes are sure ways to kill our relationship. The feeling we call “love” is like a newly sprouted seed that needs watering and nutrients to thrive and grow. You must take care of it, give it your time and effort to ensure it grows to be as beautiful and healthy as it can be.

So, if you’re in love, you might want to know the fastest ways to kill a relationship so you can avoid them like the plague. Are you ready to take notes?

Five Ways to Kill Your Relationship

A relationship between two people and it requires the effort and dedication of both people to survive. Anyone who wishes to live together must respect each other. This requires effort, indeed, as you must set aside your ego and pride together with any preconceived notions you might have.

A relationship is a team of two. To play the game, you both must be active and make all sorts of concessions. Also, you must establish boundaries and respect them. This is the only way you’ll be able to have a balanced longlasting relationship.

So, what are the five things that will affect a relationship to the point of wanting to end it?

1. Jealousy

A man looking at his phone while a woman watches him.
Jealousy limits a person’s freedom and the feelings of distrust and frustration make a relationship toxic.

Feeling jealous is normal. It’s logical and reasonable to fear the loss of someone who means so much to us. However, when this feeling becomes extreme and unreasonable, it only brings negative consequences to those involved. Isn’t it ridiculous that most passion crimes have to do with a person’s need to own someone else?

Jealousy isn’t flattering and turns the object of our affection into that: a possession we feel we must guard just like a dog guards a food bowl. Also, it denotes a clear lack of trust in each other and little confidence in our worth. Thus, it affects two of the most important pillars of a relationship: trust and respect.

In extreme cases, jealousy leads to one of the members of the relationship reducing or at least trying to reduce the freedom of their significant other. Act this way and you’ll easily put an end to what could’ve been a balanced, harmonious interaction.

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2. You can kill your relationship by letting it become too routine

Routine is the worst enemy of a relationship, however long it lasts. Indeed, it can cause boredom and other unpleasant feelings such as frustration. Likewise, it may result in the deterioration of communication and boredom.

If you don’t take a stand against routine, you might feel resentful and isolated from your partner even when you both still sleep on the same bed. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone because you’re ignored by the one you love. This is an unequivocal sign that your relationship is at risk of dying.

So, if you still care about it, then you must take care of the love plant you once started. You must find things to do together.

Do the sort of things that say you still love and care about them. For instance, you can join yoga, pilates, or dancing classes together. Also, you must dedicate time to yourselves, too. This way you’ll miss each other and long for your company. You could also plan trips and surprise each other. Use your imagination and your desire to rekindle the flame and renew your bond.

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3. Dishonesty

A couple arguing, a sure way to kill a relationship.
A single lie can cast doubt on many truths.

Trust is one of the foundations of every healthy relationship and dishonesty is one of its worse enemies.

Naturally, it’s much better to always try to tell the truth gently, even if it leads to conflict. It’s always better to be sincere, without fear, and assume the consequences. To lie is to risk breaking the trust your partner has placed in you.

Dishonesty can dissipate the feeling of love as it’s one of the most important bases of a relationship. Thus, once you’re caught in a lie, the other person will doubt your sincerity regarding everything else.

4. Criticism and complaints

A relationship takes place between two people, and there are no two alike. Thus, you cannot and shouldn’t expect others to develop as your previous ones did. This is a different person, who’s had different experiences from yours, and whose way of thinking and acting differs from yours regardless of the many things you have in common.

So, expecting your significant other to act or behave exactly as you expect them to is just wrong, unreasonable, and sometimes even toxic. If also, you constantly complain and criticize, your relationship will deteriorate and become poisoned.

It’s much better to communicate, to have a constructive conversation to reach an agreement that works for both members of a  relationship.

5. Infidelity

A couple in a loving embrace while a third person watches resentfully.
Infidelity damages the most basic parts of a relationship: trust and respect.

There’s no way around: an infidelity is a form of betrayal. If you’re the type of person who can’t or doesn’t want to be monogamous, then you have to say so the minute you start dating someone. If your other half believes that you agreed to be so, they’ll take infidelity as a blow against the basic foundations of your relationship: trust, respect, and love.

Note that being unfaithful requires lying and lack of commitment. However, the other person may also perceive it as a lack of integrity, selfishness, and dishonesty. So, no matter how much the other person is willing to forgive and try to move on, something may be broken forever inside of them.

If you wish to maintain your love and have a lasting, harmonious relationship, then you must know what a moment of indulgence may cost you.

Is it worth risking your family?

Keep in kind this is one of the hardest blows for people who subscribe to monogamy, so the risk of a subsequent breakup is worth keeping in mind.

Don’t Kill Your Relationship

Also, note that when you truly love someone and want to keep them around, then you must respect your significant other as an individual, as your partner, and as someone who trusts you. Note that they’re not obliged to forgive betrayal. Plus, even if they want to, they may not be able to.

In conclusion, always keep in mind that relationships are like a living creature whose health you must protect. You must nurture them with love, trust, respect, and adventure. Keep the loving feeling that made you get together with them in the first place alive.

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