Avoid Corns, Calluses, and Cracked Heels

The appearance of people’s feet give us a lot of information about their lifestyle, gender, personality, and culture.  You should take care of them, so your heels don’t crack, become callused, or, even worse, to avoid corns which can be painful.

The health of our feet and our body in general are closely related, and if we develop stiffness in our joints, it may be a sign of arthritis; tingling and numbness may indicate diabetic issues, and swelling can be a sign of kidney, heart, or arterial hypertension problems.

For that reason, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms that arise in our feetas we can be alerted to possible illnesses.  Also, we must take into account the great importance that our feet have in our lives; they allow us to maintain our balance, be mobile, and run.  It has been determined that each human being traverses at least 248,548 miles during her lifetime, which is the equivalent of circling the world at least 10 times.feet-care2

The plantar region and the heel are the parts that support all of our body weight when we are standing or walking, and so the skin on this zone is much thicker, which allows it to resist the pressure, but when it is too strong, whether it be due to being overweight or because our daily duties require us to be on our feet for long periods, it can cause rough patches or calluses to appear, which is known as hyperkeratosis.

Rough patches on the feet may be a sign of some kind of bone deformity, although wearing shoes that cause red spots on the skin or are too tight can also generate these inconveniences.  In the same fashion, the majority of the cases are due to a sort of skin that is prone to developing this kind of rough patches or calluses.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to daily use a pumice stone, which helps continually take off the rough patches to keep them from building up.

At the same time, remember to use a good moisturizing cream, preferably at night, so the skin does not lose its elasticity.  According to podiatrist experts, the best creams for this kind of problem on the skin of the feet are those with a glycerin base, since some studies have shown this kind of creams to have the best results, that allow the skin to recuperate its softness and avoid forming cracks on this part of the body.


To avoid problems of extreme dryness of the feet, it is necessary to keep them well hydrated, which can be done by using creams/soaps with a glycerin base.

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