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Artichoke: A Vegetable that May Help You Watch Your Weight

Due to its dietary fiber, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals contents, artichoke may help you watch your weight.
Artichoke: A Vegetable that May Help You Watch Your Weight

Last update: 16 January, 2020

Many people have decided to take advantage of artichoke to stay healthy and watch their weight. This prodigious plant, whose scientific name is Cynara scolymus L, has become famous due to its nutritional properties.

It’s always been a part of gastronomy because it’s easy to make and can be combined with many other ingredients. In addition, it’s also an amazing natural remedy, since it facilitates the prevention and treatment of certain conditions.

The most interesting thing is that it contains very few calories and is a source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, both in its natural state as well as in extracts, it can help you watch your weight without posing any health risks.

Properties of Artichoke You Should Know

A woman chopping an artichoke.

Due to its inulin, flavonoids, and minerals contents, artichoke is a very nutritious food that’s been valued since ancient times. Its regular intake helps you meet your body’s nutritional requirements and, in turn, benefits your metabolism.

It also contains cynarine and luteolin, substances that help improve liver function for optimal fat digestion. It also acts as a natural diuretic, facilitating the elimination of liquids retained in the tissues.

Furthermore, its vitamin A and C contents boost the defenses and inhibit some of the negative effects of inflammation and oxidation. In turn, it contains a significant amount of fiber, meaning it improves intestinal motility and reduces the risk of constipation.

The Benefits of Artichoke

The benefits of artichoke stand out above those of other natural ingredients. Although this vegetable has become popular in helping people watch their weight, it actually has many other benefits that are worth highlighting:

  • It helps control appetite.
  • It fights liver disorders including jaundice and fatty liver.
  • Artichoke reduces the risk of gallstones and helps treat them.
  • It reduces food allergies symptoms thanks to its liver regeneration ability.
  • It lowers high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Artichoke is also a powerful diuretic and reduces edema.
  • It regulates body minerals and reduces the risk of hypertension.
  • This vegetable facilitates the elimination of excess uric acid in cases of gout.

How Can Artichoke Help You Watch Your Weight?

A woman who wants to lose weight.

Many diet plans recommended artichoke consumption as a supplement to help burn fat more easily.This is due to its ability to improve liver and metabolic functioning, which have a direct impact on weight loss processes.

It should be added to any diet since it’s a food with very few calories. It also prolongs the feeling of fullness and can help rid the body of unnecessary fluids and toxins.

How to Consume Artichoke Improve Your Health

You can make many recipes to reap the benefits of artichoke. However, the traditional way of preparing it to help you watch your weight is artichoke tea. This tea nourishes the intestinal flora.


  • 1 large artichoke
  • 4 cups of water (1 liter)
  • The juice of one lemon


  • Choose a fresh artichoke and cut it into several pieces.
  • Then, add the water and chopped artichoke to a pot over high heat.
  • When it boils, lower the heat and wait until the artichoke softens.
  • Let the tea infuse and then strain it.

How to drink

A cup of artichoke tea.

  • Drink a cup of artichoke tea on an empty stomach and drink 3 or 4 more cups throughout the day.
  • Repeat at least 3 times a week.

Note: You can use the cooked artichoke pieces to make another recipe. Add some olive oil and salt and enjoy it during dinner!

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Possible Adverse Effects of Artichoke

Although artichoke is very beneficial, it can cause some adverse effects. These can manifest due to excessive consumption, or in specific cases when its components don’t interact as they should:

  • It can cause gas and bloating due to its high dietary fiber content.
  • It’s not recommended for nursing mothers.
  • Artichoke is contraindicated in cases of biliary obstruction, due to its effect on the gallbladder.
  • You should avoid it if you’re taking drugs to treat high blood pressure or heart disease. In these and other special cases, it’s best to consult a doctor.

Would you like to discover the benefits of artichoke for yourself? You should definitely include this vegetable regularly in your diet! Within no time, you’ll begin to notice how much it can help keep you healthy.

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