Are You Ready to Be a Parent? How to Find Out

Many women and men ask themselves if they're truly ready to be a parent. Knowing it isn't easy, is it? Let's take a closer look at this questions and some possible answers.
Are You Ready to Be a Parent? How to Find Out

Last update: 25 November, 2020

Have you told your partner that you’re ready to be a parent? Or do you still hesitate? If you’re unafraid to find out if you’re truly ready to be a parent, then look for the answer within yourself. No one else can answer it better than you can.

However, we can try to help you find the answer to your question. Keep reading for our suggestions on what you should consider. Your answers may indicate you’re ready to be a parent.

Are You Ready to Be a Parent?

As we said above, there’s no exact science that will tell you for certain if you’re ready to be a parent. Having a baby is a completely personal decision. However, there are some signs that can help you assess whether you’re ready or not to embark on this adventure.

Let’s help you find out.

1. You Want to Be a Parent

A pregnant woman posing sideways.
Your true desire to be a parent should be the first thing you should take into account.

The first step in knowing if you’re ready to have a baby is to reflect on whether you really want it and why you want it. It may seem obvious, but it isn’t always that simple.

Do you really want to be a parent? Are you willing to put significant time aside (a 24/7 schedule) for your baby?

Having a child is wonderful and, at the same time, it’s a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Evaluate if you really, really want to be a parent.

Is it really you who wants a baby? Or is it your partner? Is it pressure from your parents, perhaps? Or is it just that you feel your biological clock is ticking and you feel you’ll regret it if you don’t act quickly?

Can you truly envision having a baby and being flooded with warm and fuzzy feelings? When a friend tells you she’s going to be a mother, are you happy for her? Do you feel a twinge of envy?

Use these questions to help better determine your true reactions and not simply the ones that are expected of you.

2. You’re Willing to Selflessly Devote Most of Your Life to Your Child

A pregnant woman cutting a carrot.
During pregnancy, you must stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, you read that correctly. As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, her life changes radically.

Women smokers should stop smoking for the baby’s sake. Also, alcohol is not compatible with a healthy pregnancy. In addition, you may have to give up nights out and trips and accept that your life will be filled with dirty diapers, baby bottles, vomit on your chest…and also with smiles, gurgles and a fierce desire to protect like you’ve never felt before.

The fact that you’re ready to be a parent doesn’t mean giving up your life and the pleasures in it. It just means you’ll have to adapt them to include a helpless person that relies on your for support and has his or her identity, will, and personality.

Your life will change and will never, ever be like the one you once had.

So, are you willing to modify your life to, literally live around the needs of a child? Are you truly willing to give up all of the pleasures of being childless that you enjoy today? Are you ready to give up freely traveling, drinking, smoking, and partying in order to truly and selfishly give your child what he or she needs?

You must seriously think about this one.

Yes, there are nannies and grandparents, and nurseries and many other ways in which you can talk someone into looking after your kid. However, what’s the point of having a child if you can’t spend time with them, raise them, and watch them grow?

3. You’re Financially Stable

Another point to keep in mind to find out if you’re ready to be a parent is to consider if you both have economic stability.

Are your jobs fixed or temporary?

It’s very important that you know how much having a child will increase your expenses as a couple. You’ll need to buy a lot of things such as a crib, clothes, diapers, a stroller, and many others.

However, it’s not only that: there’ll be medical and regular educational expenses. In addition, if you give birth to a child with special needs then there’ll be special education expenses and treatments and more medical bills.

Can you truly afford the financial and emotional toll this would take on you and your spouse as parents? Is your relationship strong enough to survive?

4. Are You Ready to Be A Parent? You Must Be Emotionally Stable

There are a few things that are more destabilizing than being a parent. It’s a difficult feeling to explain, as it encompasses an immense love, physical tiredness, and fear of making mistakes.

Are you an emotionally stable person who can face challenges calmly? Do you know how to manage your emotions? Does your spouse?

5. Your Spouse also Wants a Baby

A pregnant woman and a man holding hands, and baby shoes and a stuffed bunny. Both definitely ready to be a parent.

Being a parent is a decision that the two people who are providing the DNA should make together.

Don’t put pressure on your spouse if they hesitate. Each person has good reasons to act and feel the way they do.

State your case but do so without pressure. Share what you feel and what happens to you. If you’re ready to be a parent, then you’ll have to be ready forever. You can’t send the child back where he or she came from.

6. If You Belong to a “Tribe,” You Could Be Ready to Be a Parent

The concept of “tribe” refers to a close group that provides emotional support and help in daily tasks. A tribe is there for you, helps you, and lifts you up whenever you’re in need of it.

Your parents and your parents-in-law, your siblings and siblings-in-law, and those close friends you have all play an important role in your life. In our age of technology, there are also online communities of parents to share their experiences, advice, doubts, and fears.

All the people who are by your side will be your support along with your spouse. It will be these people who will listen to you and understand when you need a break to release your emotions.

Since parenthood is hard – it may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do – there’ll be times when you just want freedom from your children. However, you can’t, and you won’t. That’s what tribes are for.

So, eo you think you’re ready to be a parent? If so, enjoy. And if not, enjoy it as well.

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