Are There Advantages to Making Mistakes?

Mistakes can be the starting point for personal growth. In this article, we'll talk about the advantages of making mistakes. Discover them!
Are There Advantages to Making Mistakes?

Last update: 18 November, 2021

Mistakes are not usually to people’s liking, but they’re part of life. Depending on the perspective, there are actually advantages of making mistakes.

In particular, this involves going through processes that allow us to acquire meaningful knowledge and experience for the future. They even become a crucial part of our development!

Why do we often make mistakes?

Experiencing mistakes frequently can be frustrating. However, the truth of the matter is that we can highlight certain advantages of making mistakes.

First, they’re a sign that we’re making progress. If they happen frequently, it means we’re persistent.

Being able to overcome failures – and keep trying to improve – is a positive personality trait. In any case, if we resign ourselves to quit after the first misstep we’ll never be good at anything. In this sense, resilience becomes key.

Sometimes, mistakes have to do with dichotomous thinking styles.

What does this mean?

Simply put, not knowing how to accept defeats means repeating the same mistakes. Therefore, there’s no learning, only frustration for having failed. So, the attitude we adopt towards mistakes is what makes all the difference!

¿Por qué cometemos errores con frecuencia?
Making mistakes is part of life. It’s necessary for personal growth.

Why is it hard to accept mistakes?

Our conception of mistakes makes it hard to accept them. Having the generalized idea that mistakes are damaging is counterproductive. In other words, what makes it difficult to accept a mistake is the thought that we’ve failed.

Although it is difficult to do so, the best thing to do is to learn to accept it . Being able to make mistakes without feeling guilty is positive for personal development. It’s about acquiring an adequate level of tolerance to frustration. 

Six advantages of making mistakes

For many, it may seem illogical to take advantage of making mistakes. However, when your attitude is good, we can all positively value this experience. The idea of recognizing these “good” aspects is to learn to change the preconceived thinking of failure.

Let’s take a look!

1. They help to gain experience

Achieving wisdom depends on how much we make mistakes along the way. Experienced people didn’t become experienced overnight; they had to be wrong repeatedly.

Failures are a catalyst for increasing self-confidence. Ideally, we learn from experience to improve in the future.

2. They help us to learn humility

A mistake can be a teacher for life. Failure is not only helpful in terms of academic or job knowledge. Humility comes when people acknowledge their mistakes without feeling humiliated. Losing an argument with humility implies accepting that we are not right and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

3. They strengthen positive self-criticism

After making mistakes, there’s a process of introspection in which we are our own judge. Therefore, we must be careful with the way we evaluate ourselves. People with an inferiority complex tend to put themselves down every time they make a mistake.

On the other hand, some have positive self-criticism. This is about reviewing the mistake as a circumstance and not as part of us and understanding that eventually, it can be corrected without further regrets.

4. They improve our sense of responsibility

Making mistakes and learning from them promotes responsibility. It stands to reason that we strive not to make the same mistakes again when we learn from mistakes.

In this sense, responsibility can be to ourselves. For example, this occurs when we walk away from toxic relationships.

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5. They help us to confront our fears

Some people are so afraid of failure that they become paralyzed. As we can face our losses with humility, the fear of making them dissipates.

Why are we afraid of something that makes us better?

We should know that this fear is irrational. We can’t escape the mistake, and besides, they’re not so bad!

6. They improve our concentration

Learning from a mistake implies being aware that we need to improve. After making a mistake and correcting what is necessary, we concentrate more on particular situations.

For example, when we play a chess game and lose because of an error, we focus more on the next round.

6 ventajas de cometer errores
One of the advantages of making mistakes is that it forces us to increase our concentration on certain activities.

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Why do we never stop making mistakes?

Mistakes are a constant in anyone’s life. They occur even in routine activities. This happens because we’re exposed to new situations, whether they be emotions, people, responsibilities, or even unforeseen events.

However, nothing repeats itself precisely the same way. Even if we have learned from our mistakes, we’re still prone to fail again. It’s a constant dynamic of learning by trial and error – and it’s very healthy. 

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