Apple Peels May Help You Lose Weight

May 2, 2019
Apples are super foods with lots of beneficial health properties. The ursolic acid found in apple peels may help you lose weight. Read on to learn more!

That old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is true to a certain extent. What you probably didn’t know, however, is that eating apple peels may help you lose weight.

The benefits of apple peels

The chemical compound that gives apple peels their waxy shine has several health benefits. Apple peels contain ursolic acid, which may prevent muscle deterioration.

Ursolic acid may also keep cholesterol and sugar blood levels under control. This means that an apple a day really can work wonders for your health.

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The importance of apple peels was discovered after Dr. Adams, a U.S. expert in how hormones affect the body, began searching for a medicine to stop muscle loss which would keep retired individuals strong, while lowering their risk of difficult-to-heal fractures.

According to this doctor, muscular deterioration is quite commonly linked to sickness and aging, and prolongs hospitalizations, delays recovery, and in some cases, prevents people from returning home.

Muscle deterioration isn’t well understood, and there is currently no medicine for it. To solve the problem, Dr. Adams, from the University of Iowa, studied the genetic changes that occurred during muscle atrophy.

Dr. Adams fed lab rats a normal diet with small amounts of this compound and subjected them to lab tests. He discovered that these little animals’ muscles grew and that they had better control over them, according to how much they consumed of this compound.

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However, those weren’t the only benefits. The rats fed with apple peels had lower fat levels in their blood, like cholesterol and other artery-clogging fats that damage the heart, and they had roughly one third less body fat.

Ursolic acid is also thought to strengthen the effects of insulin and insulin-like growth factors, two key hormones in muscular growth. Dr. Christopher Adams emphasized the importance of a balanced diet to achieve these results.

This compound is primarily concentrated in apple peels but is also found in blueberries, prunes, basil, oregano, and thyme.

Eating apple peels can also increase the number of brown fats in the body, which can make us burn more calories and lose weight. 

This is why you should definitely eat an apple a day. Beyond just the nutrients apples provide, this may help you lose weight and build muscle.

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