Types of Anorgasmia Problems That Women Face

· December 13, 2017
When female anorgasmia has psychological roots, it's important to learn how to let yourself be carried away, and if necessary, get therapy to help break down your walls.

Anorgasmia is a problem that affects many women, preventing them from reaching orgasm. Luckily, solutions are possible for anorgasmia problems. First, we have to understand the condition.

The most common causes of anorgasmia problems are psychological. And, these are the ones we’ll focus on today.

First, having a traumatic sexual experience in your past, sexual ignorance, and even stress can make sex turn into an unpleasant thing.

So, there are several types of female anorgasmia that we’ll learn about today. We’ll also give you some guidelines to help you find solutions to common anorgasmia problems.

It’s hard to let myself be carried away

woman in lingerie

The more we try to control something, what happens? The more it slips out of our hands. And, that’s why, as much as a woman tries to reach orgasm, the desire to control that comes from insecurity about not being able to reach it. Actually, it may lead to not experiencing it.

  • Additionally, this situation tends to happen in people who are perfectionists and want to control everything. And, this leaves little room for improvisation.

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  • Also, the problem with this is that the woman who’s experiencing this kind of anorgasmia doesn’t enjoy intimacy, since her focus is only on reaching orgasm.

So, touching, kissing, and stimulating other areas of pleasure are neglected.

Where do I start?

First, there are many women who experience female anorgasmia because they really don’t know their body. For example, they probably have been surrounded by myths about sexuality that made it so they haven’t explored it and found pleasure.

So, how do you get to know your body? How do you know what you like? The answer is found in masturbation. And, while you may think that sexual relations take two, enjoying it with yourself can teach you a lot.

But, if you don’t know where to touch yourself to give yourself pleasure, or if you don’t know what it is that you like, how can you reach orgasm in sex? Actually, it’s impossible.

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Believe it or not, talking about sex openly is still taboo in today’s culture. As a result, this taboo damages and prevents many women from learning about their own body.

First, do you think that touching yourself is dirty? Or, are you ashamed to ask for information? Breaking down certain beliefs, seeing a professional, and starting to explore your own body are necessary to putting an end to female anorgasmia.

Also, it’s the only way you’ll know where to touch yourself or what to do to get that much-desired orgasm.

I’ve thrown in the towel

This is one of the hardest cases. For instance, sometimes a woman experiences female anorgasmia problems because she’s thrown in the towel. Perhaps, she has given up on looking for a solution to her problem.

In this case, women don’t try to reach orgasm anymore. Additionally, maybe they even think it’s a lie—that orgasms don’t even exist.

Also, the frustration manifests in self-deceit, leading them to reject any sexual contact, ignore possible sexual impulses that their body may be sending them. In turn, they may stop expressing affection.

And, when a woman experiences anorgasmia problems because she has thrown in the towel, it’s not that she feels lost or wants to control the situation.

Actually, There may be a trauma behind it all, a relationship problem, a fear, or even depression.

That’s why it’s essential to ask for help from a professional who can throw some light on the problem that is behind the anorgasmia problems.

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man and woman lying in bed with anorgasmia problems

Actually, female anorgasmia with a psychological cause has a solution. With the right therapy, or in simpler cases, by releasing fears, beliefs, and taking the step to resolve the issue.

All in all, female orgasm is not a myth. However, obsessing over it won’t give you what you want.

Now, let’s learn how to let ourselves be carried away, set our insecurities aside, and fully enjoy sex.