Amazing Detox Diet for Cleansing Your Kidneys

September 29, 2018
You should do a detox diet at least once a year to rid your kidneys of all of the toxins that are in our body. We'll teach you just how to do it.

Kidneys are essential organs for a healthy body. These organs are shaped like beans and their size doesn’t say much about their enormous responsibilities. They’re only about eight centimeters wide and thirteen centimeters long, around the size of a fist.

They’re located just above the waist and behind the abdominal cavity. The kidneys’ main function is to detox the body. They differentiate between good and bad substances, eliminating the latter.

Considering how important they are, we’d like to recommend a wonderful detox diet in our post today so that you can clean your kidneys and keep them healthy.

Kidney functions

Swollen feet

Kidneys are the body’s main blood filters. They retain the substances that the body can use and eliminate the rest through urine. In addition to filtering blood, kidneys also have other jobs, which highlight just how important it is to keep them in good shape, as explained in the online medical journal Zona Hospitalaria (article in Spanish):

  • Filters 1.80 liters of liquid per day.
  • Generates between 1.5 to 2 liters of urine.
  • Eliminates toxins.
  • Recuperates good substances such as water, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and glucose.
  • Essential for synthesizing the hormone erythropoietin, which is responsible for red blood cell production.
  • Plays a role in renin synthesis, which is a hormone that functions in blood pressure regulation.
  • Involved in vitamin D production, which keeps bones healthy by producing calcitriol.
  • Helps our body maintain homeostasis.

Now then, whether to start a detox diet or not, we need to consider the signs that flag a kidney problem:

  • Liquid retention
  • Change in urine smell, color or quantity
  • Pain when urinating
  • Possible bladder infections
  • Raised blood pressure levels
  • Possible kidney infections
  • Overall tiredness
  • Itchy skin outbreaks

Kidney detox diet

You should cleanse your kidneys at least once a year. First off, you should know which foods to avoid because they can affect kidney function.

Cleansing Your Kidneys

You should avoid consuming excess salt in addition to foods that leave behind toxic residue such as coffee, lentils, walnuts and plums. Stay clear of foods that are rich in purines as well because they raise uric acid levels in the body. Some examples are the following:

  • Sardines
  • Anchovies
  • Sausages and encased meats
  • Organs
  • Legumes

Similarly, be weary of foods with a high potassium content because they can be problematic for people with a kidney condition or weak kidneys in general. If that’s your case, avoid spinach, sweet potato, orange, cabbage and potatoes.

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Say no to big portions because certain foods require kidneys to work harder. They can be harmful, especially if they’re animal products. While we’re not saying to eliminate them from your diet, you should eat them in reasonable portions. Watch your intake of:

Lessen sugar intake

We’re talking separately about sugar because it’s the food that should be the least frequent in our diet. You’ve probably heard that before from your parents, grandparents and doctors.

Eating too much sugar doesn’t only lead to diabetes and high cholesterol, but messy kidney problems as well. Kidneys weaken from diets that are too high in sugar and saturated fats.

What should you eat to cleanse your kidneys?

Detox should only span for a few days. Diuretics play an important part for these diets because they help the body eliminate toxins. Some examples that you could try are: broccoli, artichoke, pineapple, onion or watercress.


While eating these kinds of foods, drink diuretic drinks as well. The best options are those that contain parsley, anise, dandelion and horsetail. You only need to bring some water to a boil and add the ingredients that you please. Make and drink the infusion for no longer than a week.

If you prepare horsetail with a liter of water, you can keep it in the fridge and drink it for up to 15 days. These infusions, paired with a diuretic diet, are a great combination to cleanse your kidneys.

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Drink plenty of water

Drink two to three liters of water every day. Water aids our kidneys by helping them work smoothly without too much effort. If you consume protein, raise your water intake to around one or two glasses more.

The only exception are those who have problems when urinating or those who suffer from swelling or liquid retention. If that’s your case, or when you decide to cleanse your kidneys in general, you should talk before with your doctor about your plan and diet.