Amazing Benefits Of Cauliflower That You Didn’t Know About

· August 6, 2015
Cauliflower is a versatile antioxidant vegetable that’s rich in vitamins and minerals. To enhance its effects we suggest adding some turmeric to your recipes.

Cauliflower is one of the healthiest vegetables and a member of the cruciferous family, which is most well known for broccoli. It’s made up of about 85% water and has very few carbohydrates, protein, or fat, but it’s rich in important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals. We’ll talk about all the amazing benefits of cauliflower in this article, so keep reading!

It’s an ideal vegetable to add to your balanced diet for its slimming qualities, because it’s so low in calories. And best of all, this is a versatile food that can be eaten raw, steamed, and added to salads and many other recipes. Want to learn more about why you should include cauliflower in your diet?

It promotes heart health

Cauliflower contains a sulfur compound called sulforaphane that helps improve blood pressure and problems with renal function. According to research, sulforaphane could be related to the methylation of DNA, which is crucial for normal cellular function and proper gene expression – especially in the inner lining of the arteries, which are prone to damage.

It is anti-carcinogenic

2 cancer

The sulforaphane contained in cauliflower has been shown to be effective at killing cancer-causing cells and blocking the growth of tumors. According to research, the removal of cancer-causing cells is likely a key to combating this disease. In some studies, for example, combining cauliflower with turmeric can be very effective in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

In animal studies it was found that sulforaphane can help reduce the incidence and growth rate of tumors in the mammary glands. In addition, other compounds found in cauliflower like indoles and isothiocyanates have shown positive results in inhibiting the progression of cancers in the stomach, bladder, breast, colon, liver, and lung.

It promotes brain health

Another beneficial compound found in cauliflower is choline, a B vitamin that plays an important role in healthy brain development. In fact, consuming choline during pregnancy can have incredible benefits on the brain activity of the fetus, and research indicates that it can improve cognitive function, learning, and memory.

It stimulates detox of the body

3 plant
Cauliflower contains antioxidants that, together with its other nutritional properties, promote cleansing of the body. In addition, its content of glucosinolates also activates enzymes that contribute to detox.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

Cauliflower has a number of nutrients that are anti-inflammatory, including indole-3-carbinol, or I3C, an anti-inflammatory that works by preventing strong inflammatory reactions.

It improves digestion

4 stomach pain
Because it’s an important source of fiber, cauliflower is a great aid to digestion. In addition, according to the World’s Healthiest Foods, eating cauliflower can help protect the lining of the stomach, while sulforaphane helps inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach and prevent it from attaching to the walls of that organ.

It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients

Eating cauliflower provides our bodies with antioxidants and phytonutrients that are key to preventing a diverse range of diseases. This vegetable has vitamin C, beta-carotene, kaemferol, quercetin, rutin, cinnamic acid, and more. All of these antioxidants help the body protect itself from damage by free radicals. This also helps slow the aging process and prevents damage to tissues and organs.

How do we take advantage of the benefits of cauliflower?

As we mentioned earlier, cauliflower is a highly versatile vegetable that can easily be incorporated into various recipes. It’s a good idea to cook it whole, or in florets. If you decide to cook it whole, be sure to rinse the leaves in a bowl of water and vinegar to get them clean. To cook only the florets, cut them carefully with a knife and then use the same trick for washing them.

For the best results we suggest you cook cauliflower in a steamer and add a little turmeric to enhance its incredible health benefits.