Aloe Vera to Help You Have Healthy Hair

· September 16, 2014

Aloe vera, or aloe, as it is commonly known, is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants, and it is easy to come by.  Beyond all its medicinal properties known to treat multiple illnesses, this recognized medicinal plant possesses great benefits for hair, helping it primarily to grow.  It is also an excellent natural conditioner, along with other things.

Aloe is excellent for hair growth

Rapid hair growth can be achieved, thanks to the amount of healthy enzymes for hair.  These enzymes are responsible for eliminating the large majority of dead scalp cells, which can obstruct the hair follicles.  This could prevent hair from absorbing the nutrients necessary for correct growth.

Aloe possesses a keratolytic effects that can help eliminate the oils produced by the scalp.  In this way, it effectively helps hair to grow quicker.

An excellent antipruritic

Aloe possesses intense properties for preventing the dryness and itching produced by both psoriasis, as well as other diseases affecting skin health.  Psoriasis is a skin disease that produces exaggerated amounts of cells, but the enzyme contained in aloe destroy these excesses,  and end flaking, inflammation, redness, and itching, produced on the skin because of this disease.

A powerful anti-inflammatory

One of aloe’s very important uses is to reduce and end inflammation, both internal and external.  It is also very useful for reducing pain and eliminating bacteria in considerable wounds or burns.  The skin becomes affected and irritated when bleaching the hair to dye it.  Aloe vera is a very effective remedy for calming these scalp discomforts.

Helps reduce dandruff

One of the most common dandruff causes is a fungus, which feeds off of the oil produced by the scalp.  This plant’s intifungal properties are extremely effective for these cases.

Aloe vera is an effective conditioner


How to use aloe as a conditioner: remove an outer leaf and the gel from inside, and rub on hair.  Let set for approximately 30 minutes, and rinse.  This gel has a composition and effect very similar to that of Keratin, which makes it very esay for the hair to absorb.