How to Age Happily - Tips and Tricks

Margaret Manning shares tips on how to age happily. When she turned 60 years old, she said to herself that this was the time to do something enriching, something that, at the same time, could help others. It was then that she decided to leave her job in order to initiate a well-known project called “Sixty and me,” an association for women over 60.
How to Age Happily - Tips and Tricks

Last update: 18 June, 2020

There are several resources on the web on how to age happily.

On Margaret Manning’s website, any woman who wants to can give a testimony about their life, about the things they have achieved, and about the things they have learned. In addition, Margaret Manning is pursuing another interesting project: to help younger women to stop being afraid to “wrinkle” with the passing of time, to make ourselves better and age happily.

According to what she explains, she was surprised by the number of people, especially women, who felt they had already lost their youth once they turned 30. Therefore, she has given us this series of tips for everyone, thirty years and older, who has begun to suffer a small existential crisis, that is to question whether their life has any meaning, purpose, or value.

If this describes you and you are between 30 and 50 years old, keep reading for these instructive tips. They’re sure to show you a few ways how to age happily.

Tips from a 60-year-old woman on how to age happily

  • Always remember one thing: you only have one life, so don’t waste it being unhappy or worrying about things that have no real importance.
  • Always look for the bright side of things. Be positive.
  • Value the present, the “here and now.” It is the only thing that is really important.
  • Live each day to the fullest, enjoy the small things each day.
  • Keep in mind that your life can change in an instant. If you live in the moment, whether you are 30 or 60, it is important to do everything with passion and creativity.
  • Enjoy nature in your free time. Do not put excessive restrictions on your life.
  • Look for work that you truly enjoy. If that is not possible, at least find a hobby that will make you happy and fulfilled. Hobbies can show you how to age happily.
  • Always be yourself, not what others expect you to be. This way, you can grow older with dignity.
  • Grow old in a positive way. Don’t try to avoid the passing of time, nor obsess over disguising signs of age such as wrinkles around your eyes. Do not fear. Embrace the journey of how to age happily.

How to Age Happily: Be Honest with Yourself

  • You are much more than your age. You are more significant than a number.
  • Always be honest with yourself. Aging is a slow process from which you can learn a lot. However, it is also an adventure that deserves effort. If you view it in this way, you will be able to maintain an attractive appearance.
  • Hold on to the good memories of your life, and do not “shackle” yourself with the bad experiences, because this will make you feel unsatisfied inside and may affect your exterior beauty.
  • Virginia Woolf was right, but only half right. A woman needs her own place in order for her to feel independent and fulfilled, but she also needs an income.
  • Put aside the stereotypes that society perpetuates about aging. Forget about them completely.
  • Of what value is it to worry about getting older? It is better to worry about being bored.
  • You should keep this in mind: time is going to pass, whether you want it to or not, so, start living!
  • Become inspired each day: travel, learn, cultivate, read. Live a simple but gratifying life.
  • Do not waste money on shoes; other people rarely look at your feet.

How to Age Happily: Enjoy Life

  • Do not fill your life with people that do not appreciate you and only bring you problems.
  • Always be yourself–shine, glow with happiness and be conscious of each day of your life.
  • Why obsess over wrinkles? They represent the map of your life, wear them with dignity.
  • Live with intensity and enjoy love in all its senses.
  • Offer unconditional love to those around you. And learn to also receive such love.
  • Have children when you want to: there is no time limit. No one should obligate you and neither should you be swayed by what society says. You are in control of your own body and mind.
  • Develop empathy.
  • Learn to forgive. Do not harbor resentment or hate in your heart or you will age in the worst way.

How to Age Happily: Embrace Friendships

  • Develop a good circle of intimate friends.
  • Do not go to bed weighed down with problems and anger.
  • If you find yourself in a bad relationship, leave as soon as possible.
  • Smile every day, care for your skin and watch what you eat.
  • Trust your gut feeling–your instinct.
  • Do not obsess with being the perfect mother. Just strive to help and love your children unconditionally.
  • Always be a warrior, learn to be self-sufficient and capitalize on your resources.
  • Do not let yourself be dominated by fear.
  • Never let anyone tell you that you are too old for certain things. This is wrong!
  • Be grateful for each day because there is always something to learn, even from negative outcomes. If you live each day with courage, simplicity and fullness, the years will pass with greater meaning. And if you feel good on the inside, it will be noticed on the outside. Continue to see yourself as a precious woman.

We are sure that many of these tips have made you think about how to age happily. So, don’t forget to put them into practice. There is no reason to fear the passing of years. Fear instead the truly unhappy life.

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