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Advice To Avoid Failing At Your Diet

To avoid failing at your diet, it's essential to see it as a lifestyle change, not just as something temporary that you can ditch when you reach your desired weight.
Advice To Avoid Failing At Your Diet

Last update: 10 June, 2021

Misconceptions that we have about what we eat are the main reason you may be failing at your diet. Thinking about a diet as a plan and not a habit, or following the so-called ‘miracle’ diets are some of the things that get in the way when it comes to enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet.

It’s true that learning to maintain a nutritional plan according to our needs can bring us benefits that go beyond reaching a healthy weight. For that reason, it’s important that you assess your situation with a nutritionist and understand these strategies.

Advice to avoid falling at your diet

In the majority of cases, people motivate themselves to change their diet in the hope of reaching a healthy and balanced weight. However, beyond that, adopting good eating habits is synonymous with good health.

According to a recent study published in Nutrition Research, some healthy dietary patterns reduce the risk of non-transmissible illnesses that are related to diet, like diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses, among others.

For that reason, it’s important to change your mentality and understand that diet isn’t something that’s temporary. If in reality, you want to improve your weight and health, you must understand that a good diet isn’t based on a fixed amount of days, weeks, or months. It must become a habit.

So, what can you do to avoid failing with your diet? Changing your eating habits isn’t something easy. However, we can offer you some advice that can help you get started.

Consult a professional nutritionist

woman writing notes sitting in a white lab coat with peppers and other fruits behind her

Seeking support from a professional nutritionist, registered dietitian, or registered dietitian nutritionist, is essential if you want to avoid falling at your diet.

Although some people may bypass this, nutritional needs and diet can vary according to age, state of health, habits, and other factors.

For that reason, with guidance from this kind of professional, you can gain some insight as to how your diet should be. Also, as a publication in Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics notes, their support is vital to find effective strategies that can help with planning meals, buying food, and conscious eating.

Say goodbye to magic diets

The so-called “miracle diets“, those that claim to help you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, aren’t a good option to lose weight. Although they may seem to give fast results, they also cause counterproductive effects both on your weight and your health.

Also, given that these diet plans can last days or weeks, they’re not a good option for maintaining a lower weight. For that reason, after finishing this kind of diet, there’s a high probability you’ll regain the weight in a short amount of time.

According to an investigation published in Nutrición Hospitalaria, these kinds of diets “cause more harm than good” because their success is based on losing weight rather than losing fat; initially these diets cause dehydration and a reduction of muscle mass.

Educate yourself about healthy lifestyles

woman cutting fruit and vegetables

Instead of following diets that promise miracle weight loss, it’s better to understand how your body works and why it requires certain nutrients. The most important thing is to learn about these nutrients, where they come from, and what are the best ways of including them in your diet.

This way, you won’t see your healthy diet as a punishment. Also, you begin to understand that in addition to your figure, there are other motivations to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Among other things, it’ll make it easier for you to implement strategies to control your cravings and that tendency you have to make poor choices when it comes to food.

Be wary of ‘light’ foods

Thinking that ‘light’ foods are the better option for your diet is a mistake that makes people fail. As a publication on the National Health Service (NHS) website highlights, it’s important to know that these products are less calorific than the original version, or rather, they contain less fat or sugar. However, they don’t have the ability to make us lose weight.

Consuming these in large quantities thinking that they don’t have that many calories cause the same effects as consuming the original product. For that reason, they don’t really help in a diet.

If you want to try them, do so in moderation. Where possible, opt for organic foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole cereals.

Final recommendations so you can avoid falling at your diet

woman running with headphones in enjoying herself smiling

In addition to the above, there are other recommendations that can help you not lose focus when following a healthy diet. Let’s take a look at the most important:

  • Eat everything in moderation, without avoiding groups of nutrients. Ensure you include sources of healthy fats, complex carbs, protein, and micronutrients in your diet.
  • Follow a diet like a habit. Some people abandon their healthy diet after losing some weight. If your goal is to maintain a healthy weight, your diet should be a daily habit without an end date in mind.
  • Do physical exercise. Both for weight and health, physical exercise is the best complement to a healthy diet.
  • Look after your psychological health. On occasion, disorders like anxiety, stress, and depression can affect your eating habits, causing you to eat in excess. To avoid this, pay attention to your psychosocial health, and ask for professional help if you need it.

Diet as a habit for life

Overall, the best way to avoid falling at your diet is to change your mindset and understand that this is a habit you need to maintain over time. Also, you should be conscious of adapting your diet to your needs. For that reason, receiving support from a professional nutritionist is essential to get good results, and above all, avoid failing at your diet.

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