Advice For A Healthy Brain

A healthy brain is very important for enjoying life. Did you know that alcohol, tobacco, and stress are very harmful for your brain? Learn why in this article!

Everyone knows how important it is to have a healthy brain.  However, many times we focus on taking care of our liver, stomach, lungs, or some other organ and forget about our brain.

The reason for this is because very few people see the need to take care of it. Or, we forget that it can also be affected. What you shouldn’t forget is that this is one of the most important organisms in our bodies.

Your brain is basically what makes you. Unlike some other organs, without it, you can’t live.

It’s so important that any damage that can happen to it could mean a problem for the rest of your life. Because of this, we want to give you some advice. This will help you keep your brain healthy and strong.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Few people see the relationship between their brain and their digestive system. Because of this, people don’t always see how they can be affected by bad dietary choices.

The reality is that your brain is very affected by what you eat. Because of this, you need to eat well to have a healthy brain.

You should understand that each time you eat, you have chemical reactions that affect your whole body.

  • If your diet is rich in flours, like pasta or bread, you will have a higher tendency to doze off. This is because they make you produce sleep hormones.

Because of this, you should only eat a few foods that are high in flours. You should instead increase the amount of protein, fruits, and vegetables.  

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t eat your favorite pizza. But, you should know that the best way to have a healthy brain is to be balanced and stay away from excess.

2. Have a daily exercise routine

Constant exercise reduces the risk of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. And not just that, it also helps to slow down the progression of existing diseases, like Alzheimer‘s.

  • Exercise can increase your energy levels, feeling of wellbeing, sleep, and your brain health.
  • Also, it reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.

To have a healthy brain, start by creating a workout routine. It’s as easy as taking a 30 minute walk and gradually increasing the length.

3. Say goodbye to your vices

There are substances that affect your mood, like drugs and cigarettes. These can affect the way your brain functions. They can also reduce your level of motivation. These can also be harmful to your cognitive processes and change your emotions.

  • All of this is harmful to your thoughts. This is because, it reduces your focus, attention, memory and ability to carry out plans.
  • If you think that your smoking habit doesn’t affect you, remember that it directly affects your neurons.
  • But if that’s not enough, it is one of the main causes of cancer. This includes lung, oral, stomach, and liver cancers.

4. Exercise your mind

This world is full of technology, movies, reality shows, social networks, and a million other things.

Disconnect and read a good book, solve a crossword, or put a puzzle together. These aren’t that difficult to do.

It has been shown that people with lower levels of education have a larger probability of developing neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The probability is reduced by half in people who have habits that work their brains.

This is something you should pay as much attention to as your diet and physical exercise. Because of this, today we invite you to get lost in the adventures of a good book.

Learn to enjoy:

  • Crosswords
  • Puzzles
  • A good chess game
  • Sudoku

It might look boring at first and you might consider giving it up after a little bit. Don’t do it! With a little effort, you’ll find the pastime that relaxes you after your daily routine and life’s worries.

5. Take breaks from your busy life

Our society is evolving at a faster rate all the time. This leaves us less and less time to relax and process our environment.

Because of this, you need to give your brain time to deeply process information. The result should be to get more benefit from our daily experiences.

When resting, you can choose from a large variety of options:

  • Take a day, a weekend, or a few weeks to somewhere where you can go disconnect from everything.
  • Turn off your social networks for a little while.

6. Respect your sleep schedule.

Sleeping isn’t just a luxury. It’s also a necessity for your body and mind.

When you sleep, your brain carries out a series of repairs and processes to keep you healthy. This includes both physically and mentally.

The moment you sleep, your brain has the ability to organize your experiences and what you’ve learned through the day. Your brain creates memories at the same time it strengthens your neurons.

The next time you think about reducing the number of hours you sleep, remember that you’re damaging both your body and mind.

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