Advice for Getting Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Although it could seem like a contradiction, in order to get rid of bags under your eyes caused by fluid retention, it’s important that you drink enough water.

Bags under the eyes is caused by inflammation of the lower eyelid. As a result, fluids and toxin accumulate in this area.

This process is caused when the body is experiencing too much stress or fatigue, or is simply imbalanced.

Why get rid of bags under your eyes?

bags eyes

When such a visible and important part of the body becomes swollen, it generally lowers your self-esteem.  You feel less attractive and tend to think that other people think the same.

This can sometimes start to damage your relationships, even that with your partner.

But don’t worry.  Thanks to the advice we’re giving here, you’ll be able to noticeably reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes.

Eat vegetables with a little bit of salt for dinner

Most vegetables are diuretics, and therefore prevent fluid retention.  This is the enemy you need to conquer in order to free yourself from bags under your eyes.

In order to have the greatest amount of success, eliminate salt as much as possible.  It’s important that you follow this advice at night, because that is when the body is used to slowing down.

By eating a light dinner such as this one, you’ll be helping to eliminate anything in excess in the body.

Sleep in the right posture: always keep your head higher than your body

sleeping one hour before

Good circulation of substances throughout the body is absolutely essential. This posture helps this type of circulation to occur, as you’ll already be respecting your body’s natural flow.

Also, take advantage of gravity to simplify this cycle.

Wash your face with cold water in the morning

If you haven’t slept well, you’ll have signs of fatigue in the morning.

If you immediately apply cold water to your eyes, these first symptoms will be immediately be alleviated because low temperatures are a potent anti-inflammatory.  It’s also hydrating.

Remember, hydration is also fundamental for health.

Drink water throughout the entire day

If you remember that this problem is largely caused by fluid accumulation, you should try to eliminate this in order to get rid of bags under your eyes.

That’s why you should drink a lot of water throughout the entire day.  This is a perfect solution.  Try to drink around 2 liters of water a day to stop the physical signs of fatigue or other complications.

Apply chamomile to your eyes

Chamomile is a natural product that can be used in a variety of ways.  It is an antibiotic, it’s a cleanser, and it can even be a very effective natural anti-inflammatory.  It is great for getting rid of bags under your eyes.

Here is the process to follow:

  • After preparing a chamomile infusion, moisten a few cotton balls with it and place one on each eye.
  • Keep them there for five to ten minutes. Your face will be glowing.

Recycle your tea bags

tea bags swollen eyes

Just like the previous case, tea has surprising functions.  This time, use traditional tea bags for two benefits: drink the tea and get rid of bags under your eyes.

  • After making the infusion, place the bags in the fridge.
  • Once you’re sure they’re good and cold, place them over your eyes for a few minutes.
  • When you get up, you’ll see incredible results.

The classic cucumber is undeniable

Again, the key is a low temperature.

  • In order to get rid of bags under your eyes in just 10 minutes, all you need to do is cut off a few thick slices of cucumber.
  • Then place them in the fridge until they are as cold as possible.
  • Once you remove them from the fridge, place a slice on each eye for five to ten minutes.

Your face will be rejuvenated, and you’ll look like your happy, healthy self.

These tips will also help you fight dark circles under your eyes, which are just as unpleasant as bags.

Try to follow these guidelines, you won’t regret it. You’ll be able to control the bags under your eyes without having to use creams or other chemicals.

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