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Advantages to Using a Belly Band During Pregnancy

Using a belly band during pregnancy will help you maintain a better posture and feel more stable. This means that they will also help to alleviate the typical back pain that accompanies pregnancy.
Advantages to Using a Belly Band During Pregnancy

Last update: 10 May, 2020

Maternity belts, belly bands, and pregnancy sashes are all different names to refer to a band that many women use during the last months of pregnancy. However, do you understand why people use these bands and their benefits? If not, continue reading because we’ll explain 5 different benefits to using a belly band.

Belly bands

Pregnancy is a very special stage in life, but it can also cause quite a bit of discomfort for obvious reasons. With the sudden gaining of weight and increasing size of the abdomen, certain discomforts are bound to appear.

For this reason, there are various products available that aim to alleviate the discomfort of pregnant women. Among them, we can find the belly bands or belts.

It’s important to remember that not just any band or sash will work. Maternity bands are specifically designed for the anatomy of pregnant women, so using any other postural correction band will not yield the same benefits and could even harm your posture.

What sort of benefits do these maternity bands and belts have for pregnant women? Keep reading to find out!

Benefits of maternity belly bands

They help to alleviate back pain

Pregnancy back pain.
Using a belly band during pregnancy helps to control posture and eliminate discomforts related to posture.

Pregnancy causes a woman to gain weight and also changed her center of gravity. Both of these factors cause discomfort in various areas: the lumbar (lower back), cervical, etc. For this reason, the belly band, which is adjustable, is placed to hold the lower back, just below the belly. 

This ensures that the band does not apply any pressure on the baby and will also help the mother to have a better posture that will alleviate and help prevent pain. 

They can be adjusted to the size and growth of your belly

Since it’s adjustable, these belly bands allow you to adjust them as your belly grows. That way, you can use it according to your needs every week and change the size accordingly. In addition, you can also use them after pregnancy.

They adapt to your movements

These belly bands or maternity belts are designed from elastic and a breathable fabric that adapts to your movements. They can be comfortably worn while walking or sitting without causing any discomfort.

In addition, since they are really thin, they’ll help you with your stability and posture and without showing too much through your clothes.

They help you walk better

A woman walking.
By improving your posture, the band or belt helps with everyday activities such as walking.

The increased belly size during the last few weeks of pregnancy brings further problems. This not only affects the posture itself, but it can make simple activities like walking more complicated and strained.

The change in the center of gravity in a pregnant woman’s body forces her to arch her back in order to maintain her balance when walking. For this reason, belly bands and belts are specifically designed to help improve a pregnant woman’s posture while walking by holding the lower back to create more stability.

They are easy to put on and take off

These bands are far from complicated. On the contrary, the band or belt not only adjusts to your body’s size and your movements, but it also fastens easily with just velcro.

Myths about belly bands

A pregnant women.
Some common myths about belly bands are that they help prevent stretch marks and help maintain a better figure.

There are some myths that you may have heard about these maternity belts. For example, many people believe that they help to avoid stretch marks; however, this statement is false. To avoid stretch marks appearing, it’s best to use specific creams or other topical remedies.

Another common myth is that belly bands can help mold and shape a woman’s body and belly during the last weeks of pregnancy. This statement is also false and not supported by any scientific data. A pregnant woman’s body will naturally change in order to adapt to the baby growing inside.


You should first consult with your doctor about the use of any type of maternity band or belt before beginning to use one. While these bands have many benefits, excessive use could cause problems like a loss of muscle tone.

Also, remember to strictly follow the instructions for the placement of the band. Finally, remember that the goal is to hold the belly and not to put pressure on the belly, so make sure not to tighten it around your belly when placing it.

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