How to Make an Adhesive Strip to Remove Blackheads from Your Nose

· October 13, 2016
When you remove the strip you have to do it all at once, quickly, in order to remove blackheads in one go. Afterwards, be sure to moisturize the area.

Blackheads are small pimples that occur when the pores become clogged due to excessive sebum production, dead skin cells, or particles of dirt from the air.

Once the pore becomes clogged, your skin’s natural oils can’t reach the surface normally and a granule occurs that hardens and turns a dark color when exposed to oxygen.

Despite the bad appearance they can have on the skin, however, dirt and grease are not the cause. Most of the time they occur due to hormonal imbalances, particularly related to androgens.

They can also occur as a negative reaction to excessive use of cosmetic products and makeup that mix with the natural oils on your skin.

In any case, there are plenty of treatments to minimize or remove blackheads and give you smoother, cleaner, and healthier skin.

The popular adhesive strips can penetrate deep into your pores to make cleaning even easier.

While these are readily available in a variety of options, today we want to propose an interesting way that you can make them at home.

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Adhesive strip to remove blackheads from the nose


The adhesive strips to remove blackheads have been gaining in popularity for some time. They’re an appealing option for a lot of people because it leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh within minutes.

Although the ones that are sold in stores are attracting the most attention, there’s a 100% natural method you can use to obtain similar benefits without spending nearly as much.

It’s made using unflavored gelatin and milk, which forms a sticky adhesive to remove impurities from your nose.

It also has astringent and nutritive properties that regulate excess oil production while providing softness and firmness to the skin.

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How do you make this adhesive strip for blackheads?


This homemade strip made with gelatin and milk is an excellent treatment to remove blackheads that form in the area of the face known as the “T-zone.”

You spread this paste carefully over your nose and leave it to dry and form a hard, dry band.


  • 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin powder (10 g)
  • 1 tablespoon of skim milk (10 ml)
  • Activated charcoal powder (optional)


  • 1 container
  • 1 tablespoon measure
  • 1 small brush, or an eyeshadow brush


  • Place the gelatin powder in a microwavable bowl and mix in the milk.
  • Stir with a spoon and be sure everything is smooth and well integrated.
  • If you think the paste is too dry, add an extra teaspoon of milk.
  • Place the mixture in the microwave and heat it for about 15 seconds.
  • If you decide to add in a pinch of activated charcoal, mix it in with the warm mixture.
  • After it sits for a few minutes, you’ll have a thick black paste that’s ready to apply to your nose.

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Mode of application


  • The first thing you need to do is clean your skin using a cleansing wipe or some neutral soap.
  • Once your face is clean, spread a thin layer of this product until it covers the entire area affected by blackheads.
  • You can use a clean eyeshadow brush to ensure that the area is perfectly covered.
  • Allow it to act for 20 minutes and when it’s fully dry, pull the band quickly from one end to the other to remove blackheads.

Try to be careful performing this step because too much force can be harsh on your skin.

  • After the strip is removed, rinse your face with cold water and apply a moisturizing lotion to prevent further dryness.
  • If you notice an allergic reaction, remove the strip immediately and avoid reusing it.
  • This treatment shouldn’t be done more than two times a week because it could alter the activity of your sebaceous glands.

As you just saw, using basic ingredients, you can make a very effective treatment to remove blackheads and make you look and feel cleaner and glowing.

Give it a try at home and enjoy all its benefits.