Actions Speak Louder than Words

· August 10, 2017
Words can say many things, but what really demonstrates something is action. Let what you do be what speaks for you, as well as other people.

If someone cares about you or really appreciates you, they show it by being there with a simple call, a message, or another unexpected action that takes you by surprise.

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Nevertheless, people continue to give their time and attention to those who aren’t worth it.

Isn’t it time to get rid of that blindfold that keeps you from seeing what’s really happening?

Stop talking and show what you feel

Words can get carried away by the wind, or at least we know that in theory. In practice, however, we ignore it with overwhelming ease.

Saying “I love you,” “I need you,” or “I like you” is a relatively simple thing to do. But where are the actions that accompany those words?

Sometimes, to find out if you really matter to someone, it’s enough to carry out a simple exercise. Cover your ears and just observe.

Look at everything that has happened up to this point, everything that has been shown through a silent film as you watch. What do you see?

Odds are, what you observe will amaze you and also illustrate the truth about a situation that you’ve been otherwise blind to.

This is because you’ve given a huge amount of value to words that never translated into action, causing you to suffer without cause.

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You believe all the excuses people make when they don’t demonstrate their love through practice. You justify their absence because you want to be sympathetic to them.

This can undermine your own self-esteem, however, doing you harm – and then who will help you? You just have to look in the mirror.

There is only one person who has always been there and told the truth through so many lies.

The willful blindness

It’s probably not the first time you’ve realized how blind a situation has allowed you to become. Time and time again, however, you return to that same point of view that allows you to see whatever you want.

While looking for another situation you fall into the one that hurts you, but it’s because you allowed it to!

You should have already learned to open your eyes from the start and see whether a person is on your side or not, whether what they say is what they do.

Let’s look at a simple example, although the situation is far from easy. Imagine two people falling in love and one of them is married.

This circumstance does not have an easy resolution. The married person gives the other hope that they will get a divorce so that the two lovers can be together.

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Then what happens? Months go by, or even a year, and yet the situation remains the same.

The person who has no commitment continues to believe the words of the other, who is not acting according to what they say.

Although it’s painful, it’s important to do what we said earlier. Cover your ears, open your eyes, and finally see clearly what is actually happening.

It’s not about looking for a guilty party, but about getting away from a situation filled with false hope that prevents you from being free and loving your own life.

Show me that you care about me

Show me how much you value you me, how much you care about me, how much you love me with your actions. But don’t deceive me any longer with empty words that aren’t backed up by what you do.

Enough with believing and letting yourself get carried away by hope for a different reality that will never be true.

Don’t fall into the same trap as always. Open your eyes once and for all, from the start, and don’t opt for the easy alternative of that trove filled with expectations and dreams that will never take shape.

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Let this be a learning experience for everyone. Show other people that your forgiveness is sincere and always be consistent in what you say and do.

Words exist in an empty vacuum. What really counts is your actions.