9 Ways to Reuse Your Old Jeans

· August 15, 2015

There are many ways to reuse your old jeans that you’ve forgotten about in your closet, probably because they don’t fit or are out of style. Although sometimes a good option is to give them to someone who could use them, there are many other ideas to take advantage of the fine fabric that they are made up of and that tends to last for many years. Would you like to learn how to reuse your old jeans? Then keep reading!

If you are ready to test your creativity and talent for handicrafts, the following ideas are great to take advantage of all of those old jeans you have. The only thing you will need is to be able to sew or be ready to experiment with scissors, needles, and thread.

Jean Shorts

This is one of the easiest and most classic ways to recycle olds jeans. Use this idea if the jeans still fit you and they have gone out of style or if the pant legs are ruined. The only thing you have to do is mark the part where you want to cut the shorts and then cut it with scissors to get the length you want. You can make a small hole by using a needle and thread and you can even leave them un-hemmed for a more rebellious style.

Jean Miniskirt


Besides making some pretty shorts, you can also choose to make a pretty miniskirt for summer or an informal occasion. This is one of the articles of clothing that doesn’t go out of style, especially on hot days. To make a jean skirt, you will need pants that are bigger so that you can easily join the parts to make the miniskirt.

Bag or Wallet

There are many ways that you can use old jeans to create a pretty bag or wallet. You should simply use all of your creativity and add the details that you like the most. For example, you can make a bag by using the cloth from your old jeans and add details with stones, buttons, colored fabric, zippers, or any other detail that comes to mind.

Kitchen Apron


Making a kitchen apron is very easy and can be very useful because you won’t get your clothes dirty while you cook. The only thing you need to do is wear out your old jeans so the fabric opens better and then cut the apron so that it will fit you. If one of the parts doesn’t reach around you, you can add some to it. Once you cut it, you can add a colored hem with another fabric and the necessary strips to tie it in back. As mentioned above, you can play with your creativity by adding other details like buttons, stones, or colored swatches.

Coin Purse

Don’t want your coins going everywhere? Well, you can use old jeans to make a pretty coin purse. The only thing you will need is to cut whatever shape of coin purse you want (square, round, oval, half moon) and then sew the edges and close it with a zipper, clasp, or buttons.

Appointment Book


If you want to give a very personalized touch to your appointment book, take a little bit from your old jean pants to wrap the outside part of your appointment book. You should simply cut the exact measurements and use a little bit of glue to glue it to the cover. Another option is to sew it, although it will take longer and can be more complicated.

Cell Phone Case

You can find cases for your devices in cell phone accessory stores so that they don’t get scratched. But, how about making one on your own? It is really easy and you can do it with the extra pieces from your bag or coin purse. Cut the fabric so that it is one or two centimeters more than the size of your phone and then sew the ends so that there is a hole to put your phone in. You can add decorative details to it like colored swatches, fabric applications, buttons, etc.

Pet Clothing


Putting clothing on your pets will definitely seem very cute and loving to you, whether they are dogs or cats. Why don’t you try making the clothes yourself? Test your creativity by using the old jeans that you want to get rid of and make clothing based on something they already have or invent one yourself.


If you want to renew your old cushions and give them a very special style, take your old jeans that you don’t want anymore and use the fabric to reupholster them, so that they are completely renovated and have a very special style.