9 Ways to Naturally Prevent Spider Veins

If you've noticed you're developing spider veins or are concerned about genetics, you'll find some natural remedies on how to prevent spider veins.
9 Ways to Naturally Prevent Spider Veins

Last update: 29 May, 2020

Spider veins are among the most common beauty complaints of women today. Spider veins appear as tiny red or blue veins and are actually dilated minor capillaries just below the skin, which can indicate larger problems such as varicose veins.

For the most part, they are painless and considered an aesthetic problem since they most often appear on the legs and face. Here are some tips on how to prevent spider veins.

What causes spider veins?

Genetics, pregnancy, quick weight loss or weight gain, spending too much time seated or standing, hormonal changes, chronic pressure, the use of certain medications and engaging in certain lifestyle habits can typically lead to the appearance of spider veins.

Keep in mind that overly tight clothing or high heels can cause spider veins to appear as well.

How do I prevent spider veins?

There is no sure way to avoid dilation of your blood vessels that causes the appearance of spider veins. However, some key changes in lifestyle and prevention methods can make a difference.

Improve circulation


Having a healthy blood circulation is key to preventing and fighting the appearance of spider veins, especially in the legs.

You can improve your circulation by:

  • Regular exercise, such as running, walking, taking the stairs and biking and other low-impact activities such as walking your dog, doing aerobics at home, going for a light jog or walking to work are great alternatives.
  • When you sit, try to elevate your legs.
  • If you have to be seated for long periods of time, try incorporating subtle exercises, changing positions or moving in a manner that stimulates blood circulation.

Maintain a healthy body weight

Among the most common causes of spider veins is obesity or excess weight, which puts more pressure on your legs.

Maintaining a healthy body weight along with dropping excess pounds if possible is the best way to control the appearance of these spider veins.

Regular massage


To improve your circulation in the legs and prevent the appearance of spider veins you should schedule a regular massage. We recommend adding the following to your routine to boost its spider vein fighting power:

  • Use apple cider vinegar in your massage to prevent spider veins and afterward apply a compress of vinegar to the area.
  • Try an aloe vera gel in your massage, moving in gentle circular patterns and letting it absorb up to 15 minutes.

Sleep with your legs raised

Sleeping with your legs elevated is another great way to boost blood circulation. We recommend using a pillow below the shins to keep your legs up if you sleep on your back. 

Improve your diet


A healthy diet plays an important role in preventing and treating spider veins. Increase your intake of antioxidants through food consumption, especially of those foods containing vitamins C and A.

At the same time, limit your intake of salt. Drinking more water daily, eating more fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, and cereals can also be a help.

Try leg toning exercises

Whatever your workout routine, start to incorporate more leg strengthening and toning moves.

Doing so will help you prevent and treat the appearance of spider veins in the legs. Remember that activities such as walking, aerobics, jogging, jumping, and biking are great options to your regular routine.

Don’t cross your legs


Keeping your legs crossed for an extended period of time can interfere with proper circulation and as a consequence results in the appearance of small spider veins that develop.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing

It may be fashionable, but clouting that’s tight-fitting or heels that are sky high can lead to the formation of spider veins as we mentioned before.

You should always make sure your wardrobe includes losing fitting and comfortable clothing, and avoid always wearing those fashion statements that restrict proper blood flow.

And if you can manage a pair of low heels or flats for a few days it can make a huge difference.

Use sunblock

Constant exposure to the sun can increase the appearance of already their spider veins. You should always be using a sunblock when you go outside and avoid direct exposure to the harshest rays. Sunblock options abound; there’s one for every skin type.

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