9 Signs You Are Overloaded with Toxins

When our body is overloaded with toxins it tries to get rid of them. They also give off signals to warn us. This is all part of a detoxification effort.
9 Signs You Are Overloaded with Toxins

Last update: 17 December, 2018

When our bodies are overloaded with toxins they try to get rid of them. They also give off signals that may not even appear to be related. This is all part of a detoxification effort.

We are all exposed in one form or another to the effects of too many toxins. This can even happen despite good eating habits and healthy living, which reduce the level of toxins in our bodies.

The area we live in is full of particles. These can be in the air, water, foods and many other sources. All of which we have a direct contact with.

We have organs that are in charge of collecting and excreting most toxins. But, sometimes they get overloaded and reduce their ability to work properly.

As a consequence, we get an accumulation of toxins. This accumulation can’t be gotten rid of quickly. Consequently, we suffer from a series of physical and emotional health problems.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know that we have a problem. But, there is a series of signals that can alert us before it becomes a more complicated situation.

Let’s discover them!

Overloaded with toxins: symptoms

1. Constant fatigue


Your body can work overtime to get rid of the toxins stored in different tissues. When it does this, it’s common to have a growing feeling of fatigue. This happens even if you sleep well.

Tiredness, difficulties concentrating, and the desire to sleep all hours of the day are warning signs. Perhaps your body needs help to fight the accumulation of waste.

2. Constantly gaining weight

Weight loss is not an easy task. It almost always requires a continuous effort of diet and exercise.

However, if you are doing this and you are still gaining weight, this is a warning sign. This might be caused by a hormonal imbalance.

These kinds of conditions are due to many factors. Some of those factors include high levels of toxins coming from foods and personal care products.

3. Constipation


Your intestinal tract plays an important role in getting rid of toxins.

The difficulty with bowel movements or constipation is an indicator of a problem. This is the obvious retention of waste.

This increases the levels of toxins in our body. But it also can cause abdominal pain, inflammation, and difficulty absorbing nutrients.

4. Skin problems

Your skin is one of the organs that shows problems with toxin overloads. The appearance of acne, rashes, and allergic reactions are large indicators.

They can let you know that your body isn’t getting rid of toxins. Especially toxins in your blood and tissues.

5. Overheating and hot flashes


One sign of a toxic overload is your body overheating. This is because the accumulation of toxins makes the liver work harder than normal.

This causes an increase in sweating. Sweating then helps the body get rid of toxins through the skin.

6. Constant headaches

Toxins in your blood can directly affect your nervous system. They also cause reactions such as constant headaches.

The nervous system tissue is hypersensitive to toxins. Because of this, it isn’t odd that it causes this kind of reaction.

7. Accumulating abdominal fat


Detoxification helps to lose weight. One reason is that it eliminates the waste substances that result in fat being stored around your abdomen.

This is due to the fact that toxins affect your glucose and cholesterol levels. Both of which increase the fat deposits on your stomach.

8. Bad breath

When you are using good oral hygiene and still have bad breath, you have a problem. This bad breath can come from digestive problems or an accumulation of toxins in the liver.

These change the digestive tract environment. This change makes it easier for bad bacteria to grow in your mouth, both in your gums and on your teeth.

Also, your tongue can be covered by a yellow film. This can be caused by an excess of toxins in the blood. The yellow film can also cause bad breath and infections.

9. Gallstones


If the gallbladder is overloaded with toxins it can be damaging.  The excess causes the gallbladder to create gallstones.

The liver can start to store excess bile in the gallbladder. This thick liquid obstructs the gallbladder. Because of this obstruction, the gallbladder can start to create gallstones.

Are you struggling with this? If so, stop eating processed foods. You should also increase the amount of water and fresh fruits and vegetables you consume.

For best results, consider a “detox” diet. Or even better, add detoxifying drinks to what your current diet.

If you think you’re overloaded with toxins and have these symptoms, you should contact a specialist.

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