9 Reasons to Drink Cucumber Water Every Day

· November 15, 2016
If you have a hard time drinking the recommended amount of fluids each day, try cucumber water. It offers many more additional benefits over plain water.

Check out the following reasons you should drink cucumber water. It’s sure to become part of your daily routine.

Cucumber is a vegetable that contains high quantities of vitamin C, which works as the perfect antioxidant.

Cucumbers contain no fat and almost no calories which is why this cucumber water has so many beneficial properties.

Making cucumber water takes just a few minutes and is really quick, cheap and simple.


  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cucumber
  • The juice of one lemon
  • 3 mint leaves
  • Ice


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All you have to do is blend all the ingredients together and it’s ready. It’s that easy! To take full advantage of all the cucumber’s beneficial properties, which we’ll detail below, drink while fresh.

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1. Cucumber water reduces fat


This natural drink will help you reduce the fat that accumulates in problematic areas like the thighs and stomach.

Thanks to its cleansing and purifying properties, you’ll eliminate toxins and the dead fat stored in these areas. You’ll definitely notice the difference.

2. Hydrate


As we mentioned earlier, if you’re one of those people who just can’t drink the recommended daily amount, then you should try cucumber water.

Its light flavor is more appealing and it will provide your body with the hydration that your body needs. It’s the perfect solution and contains hardly any calories.

As if that wasn’t enough, cucumber water will also provide your body with extra vitamins and minerals, all without the added sugars like those found in commercial soft drinks.

3. Reduce blood pressure


Having high blood pressure can spell problems for the kidneys, heart and even your vision.

Cucumber water is ideal for keeping your blood pressure at optimum levels. Thanks to the potassium it contains, it will help you stabilize your blood pressure in a few days.

Drink cucumber water regularly and you’ll notice the difference.

4. Benefits for the skin


If you suffer from dry skin, cucumber water will provide your skin with the hydration and softness it needs.

You’ll really be able to see that it makes the best moisturizer as you notice your skin’s natural glow and moisture returning. Thanks to the natural silicon in cucumbers, your skin will be blemish free.

5. Reduce your appetite


If you’re always hungry, try drinking a glass of cucumber water. Many times we experience an empty sensation that we associate with hunger, when really we’re just thirsty.

Try drinking a glass of cucumber water: it will hydrate you and help fill you up.

6. Help your muscles


Cucumber water is an important ally when it comes to keeping your muscles in perfect shape.

The silicon in cucumbers that we mentioned above is also extremely beneficial for the muscles. There’s no better way to finish your workout than with a nice glass of cucumber water.

If you drink a glass of this water after exercising, you’ll notice the difference and your muscles will stay healthy and strong.

7. Say goodbye to bags under your eyes


Cucumbers are your best friend when it comes to improving the appearance of your face. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, you’ll eliminate the bags and dark circles that sometimes form under the eyes.

This is one truly priceless home remedy.

8. Cucumber water improves gum health


Cucumber water is able to heal and refresh diseased gums. Thanks to the phytochemicals in cucumbers, this water will also leave your breath smelling fresh and pleasant.

Another reason to drink cucumber water every day… is that it makes the best elixir!

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9. Care for your hair and nails


The sulfur and silicon in cucumbers will help you achieve stronger, healthier, shinier hair, on top of helping it grow faster.