9 Natural Muscle Relaxers

· March 19, 2015

Life today, full of obligations, stress, and sedentary jobs, causes infinite health problems. In the case of muscles, the ones that stretch the most are the ones in your neck, shoulders, and vertebra, because of sitting down in front of a computer for many hours. In order for you not to have to resort to medical treatments, you can take advantage of the benefits of plants that act as natural muscle relaxers.

Extreme Pain

This is what happens in life in the city today. You can make a long list with all the problems that come from spending 9 or more hours in an office, without any contact with the sun, eating poorly, improper posture, dealing with the weight of your obligations, bills, etc. Stress does not allow you to sleep well either, which causes more muscle spasms and pains.

Neck or back pain, which lets you barely move your head, is one of the most frequent problems today. The “deep” feeling in your back, lower back, hips, in general, your whole body hurts. Although you can get massages, put a hot compress or sit on a more comfortable chair, your muscles will take awhile to “go back to normal” because they are too poorly treated. For that reason, you can add natural herbs and muscle relaxers to your plan to leave behind the muscular pains.


In general, they are consumed as an infusion in order to cause not only an improvement in the state of your muscles, but also for the calmness to get to the brain, stomach, and all your organs. You will be able to rest better, leave the pain behind, and be more efficient.

Fortunately, there is a long list of natural treatments to change the muscle pain that is bothering you. The good thing is that they have barely any side effects, making them much safer than medications, although it is true that their effectiveness takes a little bit longer. If you want quality and leaving your pain behind, then you should add these medicinal herbs to your every day life.

Keep in mind that you should also have a healthy and balanced diet, so that your muscles are less contracted. You should eat 1500 mg of calcium, 1500 mg of magnesium, 99 mg of potassium, and 3000 mg of vitamin C everyday.


The Best Natural Muscle Relaxers

  • Rosemary: it is very common spice in the kitchen for giving taste and aroma to many plates. It has a lot of health benefits, especially for relaxation. You can have a bath by diluting a little bit of rosemary to relieve menstrual cramps or muscle spasms. You can also do essential rosemary oil massages on your joints. Hot compresses on the painful or inflamed areas reduces arthritis symptoms.
  • Valerian: it has been used for hundreds of years to relieve neck tension. It also has a huge sedative effect for controlling anxiety and sleep problems. You can make a valerian infusion or tea, or take natural pills from the dietary store because this plant has a strong smell and may not be pleasant to everyone.


  • Chamomilethis is the “amazing calmer”, one of the most known and recommended ones. It is used to treat muscle pain but also for menstrual problems, tension, headache, anxiety, stress, nerves, etc. It will relax your tense muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties to relieve cramps.
  • Catnip: this is plant that is indigenous to Europe, in the mint family, that has been planted in North America and Asia. It is used as a natural sedative and also a muscle relaxer. It helps reduce swelling in joints, relieves headaches caused by tension, cures injuries in soft tissues, among other properties.
  • Cayenne pepper: it is often used in homes for recipes and has been proven to be more effective for relieving and treating pain caused by muscle cramps effectively and quickly.


  • Radish: it’s spicy variant has been used since old times to relieve muscle tension, that also includes cramps and pain. You will need to buy or make a radish essential oil and mix with hot water for a bath or do massages with it.
  • Wild thyme: This is plant that is similar to thyme, with large capacities to naturally relax muscles, because of its essential oils. You can consume as many cups you want a day.
  • Passiflora: also known as passion flower, this is very beautiful and you will think it is even more beautiful when you learn about all of its properties, especially about the fact that its petals contain phytoesterols and flavonoids, both of which have antioxidant effects. It also contains alkaloids, essential oils, and other ingredients for a relaxing and painkilling effect. It is used for insomnia, muscle contractions, stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc. You can drink it as an infusion.
  • Lavendera truly pretty flower with a bluish purple color that has a lot of properties for different diseases or illnesses. Lavender oil for example is known as one of the most effective natural muscle relaxers. You will need to massage the area that hurts with circular movements in order to increase blood flow. Then, take a hot shower to relax your mind and body, which will also give your muscles the ability to rest and heal.

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