9 Healthy Habits that Can Lead to a Long Life

· June 22, 2015

Our lifestyles have a huge impact on our health and the way we age, both mentally and physically. It has been proven that engaging in certain habits that allow you to live a productive and healthy life can keep you feeling and looking young, and add years to your life. 

Aging is a natural and unavoidable part of life; but there are certain unhealthy habits that can speed up that process and have a severe impact on your health, making you look older and cutting years off your expected life span. But fortunately there are also healthy habits to make sure your body stays looking and feeling young, allowing you to enjoy good health throughout your years. The following sections will list a few of those habits that can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Eat healthy

A healthy diet involves moderation and variety. Your body needs a little bit of everything and every food source has its own benefits.While some foods may come more highly recommended than others, the best way to ensure you are eating well is to consume a diet that is well balanced in all the essential elements. You should always include foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It’s also important to keep in mind that overindulging is damaging to your health, especially when you are overindulging in fats and junk food.

Practice good hygiene daily


You know that you need a good daily hygiene habit to eliminate harmful pathogens that can affect your health. It’s important to wash your body well and care for each of its parts adequately and according to your own body’s needs. For example, your body’s most intimate areas require much more care, as do your hands and mouth.

Exercise daily

It’s 100% proven that exercise improves not only your physical health, but mental health as well. Technology has had a big hand in changing the way humans engage physically with the world around them, and so it’s important to make a commitment to keep your body healthy by exercising regularly, which will help in maintaining an appropriate body weight and preventing illness. It’s easy to build such an exercise routine, and it can be fun. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a run, or swim, jump, dance; whatever type of physical activity you enjoy.

Prevent accidents


Often those little home based accidents that can affect our health, can be prevented. Avoid high risk situations, ask for help when there is labor intensive work to be done and always take a moment to evaluate those home or work tasks that might injure you.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

A lot of young people associate alcohol consumption with fun. When you start to drink at a young age, your health is put at risk and it can often cause long-term affects that are not easy to treat. Alcohol is a toxic substance to our bodies and can cause addiction. And cigarettes are another bad habit that affect many people nowdays. We know that tobacco can negatively affect your health and may, and often does, lead to death. So avoid these vices and opt instead to live a life that is alcohol and tobacco free.

Do mental exercises


Just like your body, your mind needs exercise to stay healthy and fit, to fight the deteriorating processes of aging. Engaging in mental exercises is easy and can help you continue to improve your mental functions. It’s enough to enjoy healthy habits such as reading, puzzles, writing, and concentration or meditation routines.

Enjoy your free time

The best way to keep feeling young, maintain your health, and enjoy a good quality of life is to learn to enjoy your free time, by engaging in activities you find fun and relaxing. Spend time with your family or friends, travel, go to a concert or shake up your routine. It’s the best way to fully enjoy life.

Avoid Stress


The reality is that many people suffer from stress-related illnesses. Everything from your work and home environment to technology, and so many other factors you encounter in your daily life, can cause stress, anxiety, depression and dozens of other symptoms that unbalance us both physically and emotionally.

Drink more water

Water is life, and we know that the majority of our body is made up of water. Make sure you are drinking at least two liters of water per day to keep yourself healthy, stay hydrated, and give your skin a younger appearance. Water has so many beneficial properties that you should be taking advantage of on a daily basis!