9 Habits that Cause Weight Gain

· October 30, 2014

When it’s time to lose weight and burn fat, not all of it comes down to diet and calories.  Some people follow a healthy diet but don’t lose weight, and they feel like nothing works for them.  It’s very important to know that in order to lose weight, you need to keep other factors in mind that go beyond diet. There are other daily habits that influence this, and if you don’t control them, it’s possible that they are the reason why your diet fails, and you continue to gain weight.

Staying at a balanced weight is no easy task and it requires a lot of compromise in regards to diet as well as daily habits.  If you still don’t know what it is that makes you gain weight independent of diet, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Eating before going to bed

Wanting to eat at night before going to bed generally doesn’t come from hunger, but out of anxiety or habit.  Those that have this habit usually prefer eating something sweet and full of calories, which is not good at all for weight.  Rather than eating before going to bed, you could start a certain scheduled regimen for meals, between which you could eat a piece of fruit.

Sleeping poorly

SleepingLate nights or sleeping poorly could make you lose your sense of time and of the things you have eaten.  Different studies have shown that this could produce hormonal imbalances that cause you to feel unsatisfied after eating food.

Eating while distracted

One big mistake while eating dinner, is to do so while watching TV, using your phone, being on the computer, or using any other sort of distraction.  According to one study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat while distracted typically ingest 50% more calories.  It has also been proven that people that eat while distracted feel less satisfied, and might feel the need to eat later on.

Stress and anxiety

Stress diseasesThese two problems are worst enemies for weight loss and good life quality.  The two are associated with what is called “emotional hunger”, which makes us need to eat more, and to satisfy ourselves with sweets or junk food.  In order to fight this, it’s best to be far from stressful situations, worry, and anxiety.  But if it is inevitable, we recommend drinking fresh water, tea, and/or eating a piece of fruit.

Eating quickly

This is one of the most common habits in all people, and very few keep in mind that food should be well chewed in order to feel more satiated and to also facilitate digestion.  Taking 20 minutes to eat is recommended, without distractions and chewing each bite well.

Being sedentary

Being sedentary

Having a sedentary life is one of the largest causes of obesity worldwide, as individuals tend to eat more, accumulate more fat, and limit their physical activities.  It is very important to avoid a sedentary life, as this makes gaining weight much easier, and it could also cause serious illnesses in the future.

Skipping breakfast

This could be due to a lack of time in the morning, or by believing that this helps with weight loss, but not eating breakfast is a bad habit.  Even though you might not believe it, it does also lead to weight gain.  It turns out that this first meal activates the metabolism during the morning hours, so that it begins to work during the day, and begins to burn calories.  A good breakfast combined complex carbohydrates with proteins and a bit of healthy fat.

Excessive salt


Not only for weight, but for general healthy, salting food too much is not recommendable.  This increases fluid retention and affects blood pressure.  It is very important that you consume small amounts of salt and/or replace it with other spices to give your meals more flavor.

Drinking very little liquid

When you drink very little liquid, the kidneys work slower and more toxins accumulate in the body.  Experts recommend drinking at least two liters of water a day in order to stay well hydrated, to eliminate unnecessary waste from the body, and to prevent fluid retention.  You could also chose to drink natural juices or tea.  Consuming soft drinks and carbonated beverages is another factor that could lead to weight gain, because they carry high concentrations of sugars and other components.  That’s why you should not count those beverages.