8 Ways to Minimize Wrinkles

Getting enough rest every night is key to staying young. Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day without interruption will minimize wrinkles and keep skin glowing.

The years march on whether we want them to or not, and at some point we have to accept old age and its signs as the beginning of another stage in our life.

Wrinkles are part of the body’s natural aging process, but they can also appear due to other factors.

It’s been shown that skin ages prematurely due to bad habits, a poor diet, pollution, and exposure to the sun, among other things. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize wrinkles and improve the health of your skin.

If you’re worried about the early onset of wrinkles, please read on for the following recommendations to prevent and mitigate them.

Avoid sun exposure to minimize wrinkles

Excessive sun exposure causes damage unprotected skin that results in the early appearance of wrinkles.

Always use sunscreen, especially on the face and neck, as a way to prevent and reduce premature aging of your skin.

Be sure to choose a high quality sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Give up smoking

2 stop smoking

In addition to causing severe internal damage to your health, smoking also speeds up the process of premature aging of the skin, leading to the early onset of wrinkles.

And you don’t even have to be the one smoking to see these negative effects. Being near someone who is smoking has the same effect thanks to the toxins in the smoke.

This bad habit decreases blood flow, slows your body’s production of collagen, and has serious consequences for the health of your skin.


One step that should be present in all healthy beauty routines is exfoliation. This helps remove dead skin cells as well as dust and dirt that tend to build up in the folds of the skin, making wrinkles even more apparent.

Natural exfoliation helps care for and moisturize the skin, stimulating the removal of dead cells for younger, more renewed skin.

Sleep well

3 sleep well

Getting proper rest every day is one of the keys to looking young and staying healthy.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces an excess of cortisol, which causes the breakdown of cells and puts you in a bad mood.

Sleeping seven to nine hours a night without interruption contributes to healthier, thick, and elastic skin and will minimize wrinkles.

Eat more fish

Regular consumption of salmon and other cold water fish can help minimize the onset and appearance of wrinkles.

This type of food contains omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats that contribute to young, healthy, supple skin.

Avoid washing your face too often

Washing your face is a part of your daily beauty routine, helping to remove those impurities that build up during the day.

But you should always take care to wash it gently and use the correct products because the use of abrasive soaps can destroy your natural oil production, which protects you from skin problems and helps minimize wrinkles.

Stay hydrated

4 stay hydrated

Wrinkles take longer to appear and are less visible when your skin cells are well hydrated.

That’s why it’s important to drink enough water every day and use a facial moisturizer that properly hydrates your skin cells.

Use a natural wrinkle reduction treatment

5 natural treatments

Some natural ingredients have been shown to be very effective in the prevention and reduction of the symptoms of premature aging. Below we list a few:

  • Massage the skin each night using coconut oil.
  • Rub the center of a pineapple on the face, leave the juice on for 10 minutes, and rinse. Repeat every day.
  • Make a paste with cane sugar and turmeric, apply it evenly across your face, and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Apply an aloe vera mask every night. Leave it on for half an hour before rinsing.
  • Mix equal parts of olive oil and almond oil, and apply it to the skin with a gentle massage.
  • Use vitamin E oil or make a mask that contains this ingredient as a base.
  • Mix honey and lemon, apply to your face, and leave it on for 20 minutes.
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