8 Tips to Flatten Your Stomach

· December 27, 2014

Health and physical appearance is important to most people in general, with no regard to their sex or age. That concerns being overweight or simply the extra pounds that are noticeable around the waist – especially the stomach – because they make certain types of clothing look bad. For that reason, here are eight tips that can help flatten your stomach.

Drink A Lot of Water

Water is a very effective method to help go down a size because by drinking enough water, you can eliminate a lot of toxins. It also helps remove the fat that accumulates in some areas of your body – especially the stomach. Your body will be very well hydrated as well and therefore all of its parts will work properly.

NOTE: Don’t drink too much of this liquid. Drink 8 glasses a day maximum (preferably 6).

Eat Nutritional Supplements

Your daily diet should not lack nutritional supplements. They should be natural, preferably fruits and vegetables, because they contain a lot of vitamins. You should look for the ones that have vitamin C and B complex, which are the ones that are used up more often and therefore should be replenished continuously. You can find vitamin B in dairy products, fish, grains, eggs, whole foods, etc. You can find vitamin C in citrus fruits, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, and red pepper.

Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach

Fruits cancer

Eating fruit before breakfast is very important for the health of all of the organs in your body because they have a huge effect on your lymphatic system, allowing it to remove toxins and fat that are found in the body, prevent inflammation, pain, and bothersome cellulitis, which tends to accumulate in different areas of the body.

Eat Salads

Salads have a lot of nutrients and are very healthy. You need to eat them for lunch and dinner in order to get their benefits because they are very important for maintaining a healthy weight since they don’t have a significant amount of calories. You should make these salads with green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumber, and avocado.

Eat a Few Snacks

It is important to eat something small every two hours because you need to keep your blood sugar levels controlled. Keep in mind that these small snacks should not be anything else besides fruit or cereal, in other words, something healthy.

A huge mistake that most people make who want to lose weight is to go many hours without eating anything at all, which can lower your sugar levels. This causes stress, weight gain, and greatly reduces your immune system. It can also cause anxiety, which will make you eat too much.

Avoid Sweets

It is essential to avoid eating products from the bakery and any kind of sweets. We also recommend sweetening beverages with stevia because it is a completely natural product that does not harm your health. You can also use honey but diabetics are not allowed to have it.

Exercise Regularly


It is very important to do some type of exercise regularly. Some of them can be walking for a half hour, swimming, dancing, or riding a bike, because they burn fat and improve blood circulation.

Increase Grain Consumption

Frequent consumption of legumes can promote the proper functioning of your intestine because it prevents constipation thanks to the large amount of fiber and positive carbon hydrates.