8 Things Socially Intelligent People Never Do

04 November, 2019
People with social intelligence know what they want and how to behave towards those around them so that mutual understanding and relationships are as cordial as possible.

True social intelligence comes from the confidence and understanding you have of yourself, to the extent that you can have mature interactions with others. There are certain things that socially intelligent people do so well, that they stand out miles beyond those who have annoying habits that often bother others.

Below we’ll talk about some of the most characteristic traits of these people. You’ll see they’re easy to apply in your daily life.

Socially intelligent people never interrupt

A couple of socially intelligent people

People with social intelligence are usually great conversationalists. They don’t feel the need to talk before others or interrupt.

They’re comfortable patiently waiting their turn to speak. Also, they’re not anxious to impose their point of view because they’re sure of what they have to say.

Socially intelligent people know it isn’t necessary to express their opinion to others for it to have value.

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They don’t always focus on themselves

Another trait of socially intelligent people is that they know their importance and work to advance and improve themselves.

They know that interpersonal relationships need time and attention. And they create habits and customs with their friends, partners and family, but also for themselves.

They have the ability to understand that they’re not the center of the world, without losing their sense of importance. They’re the kind of people on your side when you need support, but know how to say “no” when necessary.

They don’t judge others to show they are right

Toxic woman talking to another girl

A good sign of emotional and intellectual intelligence is understanding the differences you can have with others.

When you judge others in order to further your personal ideas or opinions about something, all you accomplish is that people will stop sharing what they think with you.

Being a more open and receptive person is ideal without the need to have the same opinion as others.

They don’t try to change the opinion of others

This is a great ability of socially intelligent people. What others feel are just that, feelings. That’s why it’s important to speak to them with respect and patience.

When you maturely understand the opinion of others and can express your own with respect, situations become healthier, more productive and peaceful.

You don’t need to make others feel inferior in order to show that your opinions are also important.

They’re calm and know how to use their voices

The best way to really deal with the problems you have to face in life is with assertiveness. Rage and passive aggression disguised as assertion usually bring more problems than solutions.

Socially intelligent people have the confidence to do what they want.

They know how to listen and participate in a conversation with confidence and know the right way to relate to those around them.

They are less critical

Happy woman

A lot of people call themselves “antisocial” and tend to constantly criticize those around them – even themselves.

Socially intelligent people usually accept that regardless of appearances, everyone has many positive qualities to offer, not just negative.

People who know how to relate to others find the positive in their behavior as well as that of others.

This is because they have a higher degree of self confidence and try to make the best of every situation they find themselves in.

They don’t over-analyze how others interact

Thinking too much about your relationships will keep you from enjoying them. That’s why it’s so important that you avoid preconceptions about how your relationships will be with others.

You should also avoid over-analyzing each interaction when they come to an end.

However, you can turn this habit around, and instead of focusing on all the possible bad outcomes, face interactions with a positive attitude.

You may be surprised that this works even with relationships that didn’t work out.

They have good body language

A couple of socially intelligent people

When you find yourself in a social situation, your body posture sends a message to others.

Socially intelligent people make sure the message their bodies send is positive.

When you make visual contact and smile at others, you show them that you’re friendly, open and not at all intimidating. If you stand up straight, others will notice you’re a secure person.

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They initiate interaction instead of waiting

Waiting for others to contact you and invite you to do things is a waste of your time. Socially intelligent people know that social relationships are based on mutual effort.

If you want to show others that you’re important to them, you must take the initiative and do your part to start an interaction. You can do this simply like this:

  • Stay in touch with phone calls or text messages
  • Visit your friends
  • Organize a get-together

Although some people are born with a more developed social intelligence, anyone can perfect it if they pay attention.

In the end, it’s only about practicing these simple habits.

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