8 Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

· July 24, 2015
Although these signs will help you determine whether your partner is cheating, never ignore your sixth sense and intuition.

As we all are well aware, relationships are never without problems and sometimes they can be quite difficult to resolve, but we often try to ignore what’s really going on or the reasons why our relationship isn’t going as well as it should. Once we finally admit that something is wrong, the problem may have grown out of control because of the prolonged lack of communication or intimacy between partners.

Discovering whether or not your partner is cheating on you can be easy if you pay attention to certain tips and behaviors – but these shouldn’t be considered absolute proof. Instead we want to share some of these signs with you, because more than anything else they can indicate that something is going wrong in the relationship.

8 signs that something is wrong with your partner

They suddenly become more preoccupied with their physical appearance

Especially if they start doing something they never or rarely did before, like:

  • Going to the gym or salon more often
  • Overhauling their closet to get newer, more fashionable clothes
  • Buying more expensive clothes
  • Going on a diet because they see themselves as overweight – even though they’re not
  • Starting a new exercise routine

Repeatedly mentioning a particular person

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This is especially important if that person is a colleague, a friend, or someone they haven’t seen in a long time. This may not be a sign of infidelity, but it could be the start of something or it could even mean that they wanted to tell you early on about this person, in case another person sees them talking or together and they don’t want you to suspect anything is happening. Same goes for you catching them on the phone when you come home, or running into them together out somewhere.

Careful with the phone!

Our phones are a goldmine for uncovering secrets, because they store our call history, voicemails, text messages, and more. You should be concerned if your partner answers the phone in a strange way or in a hushed voice, if they walk out of the room to take a call, lies about who they were talking to or the reason for the phone call, or deletes call logs and message histories immediately – especially if they never did those things before.

Watch out for the smell of perfume or cologne!

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If they come home smelling of someone else’s scent and when you ask they have thousands of excuses: No, a vender at the mall wanted me to test a new fragrance! My buddies were playing a joke on me! I saw an old friend who wears way too much perfume! These and more – it’s better that you don’t even ask at all, because they are certain to come up with even more excuses.

Makeup on their clothing

Be warned if you discover clothes in the hamper that have traces of makeup on them, including foundation, powder, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and more.

What about your sex life?

Infidelity usually tends to diminish the frequency of sex for a couple. It might not happen quickly, but it will gradually fall out of your routine as your partner’s infatuation with another continues and grows stronger.

Nonexistent travel, imaginary hours

Inventing trips that never take place or saying they need to stay late at work because a friend was sick can be signs of infidelity. Remember that it doesn’t always have to happen in the night – it’s more common during lunch breaks or in the afternoons.

And that gift?

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Are they starting to give you unexpected gifts, expensive jewelry, flowers, or something else that holds significance to you – and all with a loving expression? A lot of times this is due to feelings of guilt that they want to ease by giving you things – be especially aware if they didn’t use to make such gestures or if they occur seemingly randomly, at unexpected times or dates.

Hope you enjoy these eight signs your partner is cheating!