8 New Uses for Old Clothes

· December 27, 2016
If you like to sew and have old clothes lying around that you no longer wear, don't throw them away. You can personalize them, trade or give them to people in need.

If you have lots of old clothes and don’t know what to do with them, check out how you can re-purpose them and give them a second life.

You may have never heard of them until now, but you’ll see how useful these tips are. Let’s take a look!

1. Drop them in a donation bin for used clothing


Charities and humanitarian organizations often have donation bins where you can donate used clothing. There are likely several in your area.

What’s more, they provide a job opportunity for individuals at risk of social marginalization who sort through the donations. Don’t underestimate the value of donating your used clothing.

You’ll be helping provide these individuals with meaningful work and your clothing will go to those who need it most.

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2. For shelters

You can also take your used clothing directly to homeless shelters. They give the donations to those with disabilities or nonprofit organizations.

They’re also responsible for distributing donated items to those in need or reselling them to fund social projects like the donation bins for used clothing.

3. Trade them

This is especially useful for children’s clothing.

Most of the time, the problem isn’t that the clothes are old, it’s that they no longer fit. One possible solution is to trade them.

You’ll be putting garments that are still in good condition to use again and getting clothes that fit in exchange.

You can find opportunities like this in special markets or innovate stores that allow you unlimited exchanges of clothing for a flat rate.

There are also websites that specialize in this service. You’ll have to do a little digging around on the internet, but the possibilities are limitless.

4. Are you handy?

Maybe the items that you consider old just need some updating to look good.

Mending clothes or finding a business that can make small repairs and alterations can help you save money and be a responsible consumer, and all that entails.

5. Renew your wardrobe


If you no longer want an item of clothing simply because it’s not in style, consider altering it to give it a fresh look.

Here are a few different things you can do to update your wardrobe:

  • Cut off old pants to make them into new shorts.
  • Sew a patch on or embroider your old garments.
  • Take in pants that are too big.
  • Add buttons and other accessories.
  • Check out different websites to give you ideas of what’s in style and how to alter your old clothes.

6. Make toys or cover books


You can use your old clothes for all sorts of crafts.

All you have to do is use your imagination. Use socks and buttons to make puppets and other fun characters your children will love.

Another great way to reuse old clothes is to cover and protect books. Colored fabrics are best to cover your diary, favorite book, or photo album. It adds a unique touch to any item.

7. Home furnishing

Use your old clothes to update a neglected lamp:

  • Use fabric and glue to cover a lamp shade.
  • Cut the fabric to size and cover the shade.
  • Try adding buttons or different patterns and colors.

You can also make a picture frame using fabric from old clothes:

  • Use cardboard or wood to act as the frame and wrap it with fabric to make a nice frame for one of your favorite photos.
  • Use unwanted clothing to line an old frame that you want to update with a new look.

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8. Make a quilt


You can mix and match squares to make a beautiful quilt for your bed out of your old clothes.

Remember the softer the fabric, the better. The fabric of some T-shirts is really soft and makes the perfect quilt.