8 Foods that Can Cause Cancer

· June 12, 2015

Various studies say that your diet is linked to common diseases, illnesses and everyday ailments. It has also been proven that following a poorly balanced diet, which is full of chemicals, can greatly impact your health and even lead to cancer. For that reason, don’t hesitate to ready the following article where you will learn about 8 foods that can cause cancer. 

Certain foods that you consume every day without realizing it can substantially increase the possibility of contracting cancer, which causes the death of thousands of people every year all over the world.

Foods that Can Cause Cancer or Make It Worse

  • Genetically modified foods. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), more commonly known as “transgenic foods”, can cause many diseases in your body, with the most frequent one being cancer. Chemical products that are used to enhance growth can cause tumors. The problem is that transgenic foods are hiding everywhere, especially in foods that contain soy, corn, or canola (and derivatives), above all. You can avoid them and also incorporate certified and verified organic foods into your diet. In other words, you should follow a diet that doesn’t use biotechnology to grow things.

  • Processed meats. All meat products, like cold cuts, bacon, sausages, mortadella, etc. contain chemical conservatives to make them stay fresh and looking good. However, these chemicals may also cause cancer. Nitrate and sodium nitrate are related to a significant increase in the risk of contracting this disease, especially in the colon. If you want to eat meat, you will need to choose cured meat products that don’t use nitrate and preferably from animals that have been fed grass and not corn.
  • Microwaveable popcorn. Popcorn is very easy to make. You simply have to put a bag in the microwave and in two minutes you will have the best partner for a movie on the sofa. However, the combination of the ingredients with the radiation from this appliance are related to cancer and infertility. Also, diacetyl is used in popcorn. This ingredient gives it the flavor of butter (artificial) and is linked to serious lung diseases. As if that weren’t enough, several of the ingredients used can contain genetically modified materials. If you want to enjoy this snack, buy corn kernels and make it yourself in a covered pot with a little bit of oil.
  • Regular or diet soft drinks. Soft drinks can cause cancer. It’s that simple. This is because they not only contain large amounts of sugar (the ones that are not diet), but also chemical, colorant, additive, etc. products. Soft drinks and sodas acidify the body and “feed” cancerous cells. In the case of the low-calorie options, they are even more dangerous because they contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener that brings with it various diseases, among them cancer and congenital defects. Other sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda) and saccharine have been linked to different diseases. Always go for natural or freshly squeezed juices, or in the best case, water.

  • Refined flour. We’re talking about the white-colored kind of flour, a common ingredient in many processed foods. Its excess of carbohydrates is worrisome. Regular consumption of reined flour is related to an increase of 220% of the cases of breast cancer in women. Also, having a high glycemic index makes sugar levels in the blood quickly increase, which feeds the growth of cancerous cells. Choose whole grains (those yellow or brown in color) and make your own food. Don’t buy bread or processed food.
  • Refined sugar. It affects you the same way flour does. White sugar tends to increase insulin and cancerous cells in the body. Be careful with foods rich in fructose, like corn syrup (which is in many products that you buy at the store), that are extremely dangerous to the body. Cookies, pastries, juices, cakes, sauces, cereals, and soft drinks contain it. This partly explains why there are more and more cases of cancer in the world. As an alternative to white sugar, nothing is better than stevia (buy the dry plant) or honey (organic) for sweetening.

  • Hydrogenated oils. They are used to conserve processed foods so that they stay “stable”. But they have a down side because they change the structure and flexibility of the cellular membranes in your body. This can cause “debilitating” types of diseases, in other words, cancer (among others). Trans fats are in a large amount of foods that you buy and eat every day. That being said, many manufacturers are substituting it for safer alternatives, like palm oil, which is already a great option to turn to. As a tip, don’t buy foods that contain trans fats.
  • Industrially produced fruits and vegetables. How can the healthiest fruits cause cancer? In reality, the problem is not in the food itself, but rather the way they are “cared for” before being released into the market. 98% of fruits and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides, which cause cancer. Apples are first place in this fastidious ranking, followed by grapes, strawberries, cilantro, and potatoes. The chemical products are dispersed across the fields to prevent plagues and disease, and as a result, make the people that eat them sick. For women at child bearing age, the consumption of these chemicals can increase the risk of their children having problems as a consequence, like having a low IQ level or attention disorders. To prevent this, choose organic products or those certified as “free of pesticides”. Also, shop at local markets.