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8 Fashion Mistakes You May Make in The Fall

The temperature changes at this time of year make dressing more complicated. Follow these tips to avoid common fall fashion mistakes!
8 Fashion Mistakes You May Make in The Fall

Last update: 29 November, 2021

The fall season is one of the times of the year when it’s more complicated to get dressed. This is due to the varying temperatures. After all, depending on the time of day, the weather can go from warm to cold and vice versa. That’s why it’s key to know the fashion mistakes that we may make in the fall to be able to watch out for them.

Preparing your wardrobe for this season is a task that requires knowing these common mistakes. This is especially because the footwear par excellence is boots, and often these are the key to style, but go unnoticed when combined with certain other elements.

Even so, there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you how to dress for this season in a practical way and for any budget!

Common fashion mistakes in the fall

Dressing in layers can be the easiest solution when starting the day. However, as the hours go by, the sun comes out, and what was once comfortable and warm may become unbearable.

Here’s a basic list of fall fashion mistakes for you to consider so you don’t suffer from temperature variation or lose your style.

Zapatos con colores de otoño.
Combining the classic colors of the autumn season with clothes can be very successful at this time.

1. Combine two oversize garments

This type of XL garment is one of the favorite current trends in pants, sweaters, and jackets. However, they should be combined separately.

It’s not advisable to wear an oversized lower and upper garments because the silhouette of the body tends to be lost and the effect produced will be more disheveled.

2. Fashion mistakes: Vibrant prints

Although flowers are a quintessential summer and spring print, they can be worn in autumn as long as their colors tend more towards earthy tones or the background of the print is in neutral colors. Warm and vibrant tones are not the most suitable for this season.

3. Jeans inside your boots

The trick is to tuck the fabric of your pants inside the boot to avoid this fashion mistake in the fall. Especially when it comes to baggy designs, doing this can make it look like the excess fabric is piled up above the boot.

Therefore, the most practical option is to wear skinny jeans.

4. Dresses in natural fabrics

Although there may be a warm day during the fall, cotton and linen garments are too cool, so it’s better to opt for thick fabrics such as leather and velvet.

5. Wearing high boots with a small body

High boots are another of the star products for the fall. However, they depend a lot on the height of the wearer. If you’re short, it’s best to opt for a model that reaches mid-calf.

6. White trousers

This rule has been broken a little on the latest catwalks. Even so, it should be understood that the disadvantage of wearing white trousers in the autumn is that they tend to get dirty easily and the fact that it is a color that is cooling on the body.

7. Oversized chunky boots

Chunky boots are one of the most prevalent trends for the fall. However, they can make your outfit look disproportionate if you don’t wear the right size.

8. Fashion mistakes: Rainboots

Rain boots are made of rubber or a similar material to protect your feet from water and moisture. Although practical, save them for rainy days, because they can heat up your feet too much in the sunch.

Ideas for dressing and avoiding fashion mistakes in autumn

Overall, it’s not about completely changing your wardrobe, but about buying smart and combining well. Follow these tips and avoid the classic autumn fashion mistakes.

A wildcard blazer

This garment is one of the classics par excellence. In addition, it’s timeless, so it can be worn at any time of the year.

It gives elegance to any look and is very useful to cover the body a little bit from the cold. In this sense, a good blazer in neutral colors or plaid is a good investment.

Key prints

Animal print, especially zebra prints, is one of the prints with which you cannot fail. Whether in shoes, clothing, or accessories, it can elevate any fall look.

In addition to this, plaid, stripes and polka dots can also come into the picture.

A variety of sweaters

Whether they’re made of cashmere or any other woven material, these types of clothing pieces can be mixed with trousers, maxi dresses or skirts to make comfortable and warm outfits without the need to wear more layers.

Denim as a complement

Denim is a fabric that adapts to many designs. In this case, the sum of denim jacket plus a leather garment can be very flattering.

Another way to mix denim is with knitwear or flowing fabrics. Also, don’t forget that a pair of jeans is a timeless garment that adapts to any weather.

Moda de otoño.
Autumn fashion should consider comfort so as not to be at the mercy of sudden changes in temperature.

Neutral colors with vibrant colors

Although autumnal tones resemble nature and are more muted and dark, they can be combined with red, yell, ow, and cobalt blue to give looks e bold and contemporary looks.

Autumn fashion should give you comfort

All of the above recommendations can be very useful, but you should always keep your comfort in mind. Fall trends should be considered, although they’re not to be followed to the letter. After all, your look is up to you!

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