8 Crafts to Decorate a Children's Party

If you're planning a children's party, you'll definitely have to put your creativity and imagination to the test to make it appealing to the little ones. Learn how to make some amazing and fun crafts here!
8 Crafts to Decorate a Children's Party

Last update: 01 May, 2021

Children’s parties are moments that create unforgettable memories for everyone. However, they can be challenging for parents since they involve a lot of logistics to make them fun and attractive. In this article, we’ll present you with 8 crafts to decorate a children’s party easily and economically.

For many years the main attraction in children’s party decorations has been balloons. However, a report by Envirobites, an organization dedicated to scientific dissemination on the environment, states that balloons represent a global concern because they produce a lot of pollution.

Also, the organization Greenpeace points out that they’re dangerous for marine animals. Latex balloons take about 6 months to decompose and their short use, ranging from a few minutes to a few days, doesn’t justify their negative impact.

Therefore, it’s better to opt for decoration alternatives with a lower environmental impact and with recycled materials. Below, you’ll find some ideas.

Why are parties important for children?

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty ratified by 195 countries, points out the need for children to have access to opportunities for play and recreation, as this is a fundamental right for an optimal childhood.

Children’s parties are scenarios that allow children to have fun with their peers and friends. As recreational spaces, they contribute to the development of social, cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. They also increase children’s self-esteem because they make them feel recognized and valued.

A birthday party is an opportunity to praise a child and recognize their qualities and skills, which is a fundamental aspect of positive parenting. It’s the ideal occasion to give thanks for their life and show them how valuable they are to the family.

Parents kissing their daughter on the cheek during her birthday party.
The traditional form of birthday decorations were balloons, but their environmental impact has made them fall into disuse.

8 crafts to decorate a children’s party

The decorations at a children’s party usually stand out for being colorful and eye-catching. Children go through various stages in their growth and their tastes change frequently.

Therefore, they’re likely to get excited about different themes. You must consult with them about how they’d like the decorations for their party to be and evaluate the options together.

If, on the other hand, you want to plan a surprise party, you should think about your child’s tastes, colors, favorite books, or programs. Here are 8 crafts to decorate a children’s party.

1. Paper balloon piñata

Paper balloons are very inexpensive and are sold in stationery or decoration stores. They’re perfect for filling with surprises that aren’t too heavy.

Because of its round shape, a paper balloon can become a soccer ball, a Pokemon, a monster, or a honeycomb with the help of colored paper, paints, and markers.

2. Cereal box masks and talkers

This is a good opportunity to recycle cereal boxes or household products. To do this, disassemble the boxes and cut them into masks or dialogue bubbles.

Then they should be decorated and painted according to the chosen theme. Funny messages or photo accessories, such as mustaches, lips, ears, or hats, can be placed on the talking masks. A stick should be used to hold them in place for them to do their job.

3. Felt souvenirs

Felt is a very versatile and economical material. With a needle, hooks, and colored threads, you can make beautiful reminders to give to the children attending the party.

One of the best options is to make them animals. Simply cut out the silhouette, eyes, and spots, and join the parts together. In addition, they can decorate the children’s party and then be given at the end as a farewell souvenir.

4. Paper garlands

Paper garlands are one of the easiest crafts to make. You’ll only need yarn, string, and glue. The first thing to do is to choose a theme. It can be superheroes, fruits, flowers, or even simple triangles.

You must cut out different figures and decorate them. You can write the name of the honoree or “happy birthday” on the figures. Then, glue them to the string and hang them to decorate. The best thing is that they can be folded and saved for the next celebration.

5. Photo frame with a box

At a time when social networks are so popular, a photo frame will please not only children but also parents. In addition, it’s very easy to make.

You’ll only need some cardboard, which can come from a cardboard box. You should choose a theme to decorate the frame. Dinosaurs, animals, movie characters, and monsters are some simple ideas.

Finally, you should make circles the approximate size of the children that will be attending the party so they can stick their heads in and take the picture.

6. Paper Roll Centerpieces

Kitchen or toilet paper rolls are often discarded. However, because of their shape, they can be recycled in the decoration of children’s parties, as table centerpieces or games. With cardboard, paints, yarn, and colored markers, it’s possible to transform them completely.

If some triangles are cut out and glued to the sides, it’s possible to obtain a rocket. By adding ears, hair, and hats, different animals can be made, such as dogs, unicorns, giraffes, or lions. By adding wings, they become butterflies or bees.

Colorful candles on a birthday cake.
The birthday cake is a food, but also another element of the decoration that we can use with ingenuity.

7. Food in the shape of animals

A sweets table and a birthday cake are essential elements in a children’s party. If they’re also made nicely and attractively, they’ll be one more element that adds to the decor. Therefore, a good trick is to make the snacks with creativity.

You can make snowmen with marshmallows, octopus-shaped sausages, strawberries with chocolate dots to make them look like insects, sandwiches cut out in the shape of a bear, or put eyes on the containers to make them look like funny monsters. Let your imagination run wild and look for inspiration on the internet.

8. Paper curtains

Paper curtains are very easy to make and help to decorate door frames, walls, or tables. There are many possibilities to make them.

One of them is to cut long strips of paper in many colors, arrange them in the shape of a rainbow and attach them to a long strip to paste on a frame or table. This will go great with a unicorn theme, for example.

Another option is to cut out figures of many colors (hearts, balls, butterflies, balloons, flowers, or fruits) and join them with a thread to form a strip. You can then glue several of these strips to the ceiling or walls.

Get children involved in the crafts to decorate the children’s party

After learning about different crafts to decorate a children’s party, you can ask your child to work with you as a team to make the ones they like the most.

This activity will help stimulate their creativity, sense of responsibility, and will foster good self-esteem. At the same time, they’ll feel proud that they’re contributing to an important activity. In addition, you’ll spend quality time together.

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