8 Cosmetic Tricks for Hiding Droopy Eyelids

06 October, 2018
Both eyelashes and eyebrows play an indispensable role in making eyes look more open. Certain cosmetic tricks, like wise application of makeup, can help create a more expressive look.

Droopy eyelids are caused by reduced elasticity and firmness of skin over the passage of years. Although this is a natural and genetic condition, people that have it are always looking for ways to disguise it.

Currently, there are several surgical procedures that can correct it, especially when it affects one’s vision.

However, these options are fairly expensive and not everyone is able to afford these treatments. But, fortunately, you don’t need to resign yourself to this condition. Some cosmetic tricks can improve your appearance, and make you look fabulous.

Today we’d like to share with you the 8 best cosmetic tricks for droopy eyelids to include in your routine. Let’s take a look!

1. Use a makeup base for droopy eyelids

Use a primer base makeup for droopy eyelids

Firstly, let’s look at makeup base. Using a small amount of makeup base base on your eyes can help prevent shadows from darkening your eyelids and brow bone. This makeup is also known as a “primer” and it’s a type of base that is applied before other products that are designed for this purpose.

You can find primer in different tones and shades, helping you to choose the version that best fits your needs. In fact, some brands make both a liquid and powder version.

2. Choose a water-resistant eyeliner and mascara

People that have this problem tend to have difficulty applying products like eye liner and mascara. When using products that are not waterproof, oftentimes your makeup will run every time you blink or the area moves.

That’s why you should use water-resistant products and concentrate well when applying them.

3. Use brown tones on your eyelids

Using brown tones on your eyelids

First of all, rub a small amount of matte brown eye shadow on your upper eyelid.  Then use a lighter color above the eyelid down to where your eyelid begins. Finally, follow the curve of your eye and rub it to prevent sharp lines and to blend the colors.

4. Mark the line of your upper eyelashes

This is one of the most interesting eye makeup cosmetic tricks for hiding this type of eyelid problem. Use your waterproof eyeliner to draw a line at the base of your upper eyelids, as close to your eyeball as possible.

This will create more defined, larger-looking eyes, which will hide droopy eyelids. You can do this on both your upper and lower eyelashes, but do not apply the eyeliner to the internal part of your eyelids.

5. Try out the “cat eye” look

Cat eye style makeup

The “cat eye” style isn’t just a style for young kids. If used on the tip of your eyes, you’ll create an elegant and distinct look. Sometimes it’s hard to draw a good cat eye on droopy eyelids, but the more you try it, the easier it will become.

6. Use a fair amount of mascara on your lashes

Thick, dense and curvy eyelashes play a fundamental role in creating a young, expressive look. Applying several layers of mascara, without clumps, will create big eyes no matter what state your eyelashes are in. Try to focus on the tips of your eyelashes, making them curvy and daring.

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7. Use fake eyelashes

Using fake eyelashes

If nature hasn’t provided you with long, thick eyelashes, then try using fake eyelashes to complement your eye makeup. However, keep in mind that you should choose ones that go well with your face. If they’re too big then they’ll look obviously fake.

You can apply them to the entire eyelid, or simply from the center to the outer edge.

8. Cosmetic tricks for your eyebrows

Although they’re above your eyelashes, eyebrows can be helpful in achieving perfect eye makeup. Make a higher angle to help raise your look.  If your eyebrows aren’t very full, fill them with the appropriate product for your eyebrows.

First of all, a bit of lightening just below the eyebrow can also help make your eyes look more open. And to finish with, remember that the best way to create perfect makeup for your face, is to just experiment with it.

Try different kinds of makeup, making sure you always using safe, high-quality products.