The 8 Most Common Sexual Fetishes

November 8, 2019
Fetishes are much more common than we think. They can help stimulate us and allow us to more fully enjoy our sexual lives.

Have you ever wondered what the most common sexual fetishes might be? Do you think you might have a sexual fetish?

Some people are aroused by a particular part of the body (the mouth, the breasts, or the feet, for example), and others can’t resist lace lingerie, whips, or being slapped.

Sexual fetishes are practices that provoke arousal or orgasms through the use of objects, substances, or a particular body part. Although just the word “fetish” is intimidating to some, it is a common and harmless practice that can actually improve the sexual experience. 

In some cases, sexual fetishes become a recurrent and necessary behavior for sexual arousal, and when that happens, fetishism can be considered a pathological disorder. However, it is usually just a simple manifestation of sexuality in both men and women. 

Do you know the most common sexual fetishes? Discover 8 of them below:

1. Sexual fetishes: piercings

Girl with piercing on her lips

Firstly, we’ll look at piercings. This is one of the most popular fetishes, especially with young people. It incorporates all kinds of perforations and jewelry of various sizes, shapes, and colors. These objects usually adorn body parts that, in turn, facilitate sexual arousal:

  • Nipples
  • Lips
  • The tongue
  • And, finally, the belly button

People who are attracted to these piercings can feel strong sexual excitement just by seeing them on another person. However, some people like the cold feeling that the metallic piercings cause when in contact with the body.

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2. Hair

Hair fetishism, known as trichophilia, is quite common, especially among men. Those with this fetish feel aroused by direct contact with hair, or by certain hair colors or hairstyles. Women with a hair fetish, on the other hand, are fascinated by beards, mustaches, or chest hair.

3. Feet

Feet are another very common sexual fetish. Many men are aroused by attractive, well-groomed, soft feet. Men are not the only ones with foot fetishes, however. Women can also be attracted to a pair of nice feet.

4. Shoes

Among the most popular object fetishes in the world is altocalciphilia, or sexual arousal caused by high heels. Men can make the most out of a sexual relationship without the woman ever taking off her shoes.

A woman putting on her high heels.

5. Leather

Some people have a fetish for a particular material and texture instead of a body part or article of clothing. Leather and latex fetishes are two examples.

A leather fetish doesn’t necessarily mean you’re into whips and sex toys related to sadomasochism. People with this fetish can be aroused by more common things like leather pants, a skirt, or even a sofa.

6. Lingerie

Woman wearing sexy lingerie

Lace lingerie, whether it’s transparent or a particular color (often red or black) can be very arousing for men and women. That’s why underwear is one of the most common sexual fetishes.

Some people like their partners to wear hose, garters, thongs, bras, etc. during sex to increase their sexual pleasure.

7. Costumes

The use of costumes is a popular fetish because it makes sex much more fun and exciting. It also helps you break out of your routine and experiment with different roles in an intimate environment.

7. Other parts of the body

Some people have fetishes for particular body parts. Fetishes for the mouth, breasts, and butt are quite common. It’s easy to understand these fetishes, considering the attention that our society gives to these parts of the body. In fact, the media tends to oversexualize these body parts in order to sell products.


Do any of these fetishes appeal to you? Have you ever used them with a partner? Although some of them are very different, or even weird, there is no doubt that they can help stimulate us and help us enjoy our sexuality. 

Why not spice up your sex life and share one of these with your partner today?