Six Mistakes You Should Never Make with Underwear

Did you know that tight underwear could be dangerous to your genital health? Find out what are the mistakes you should never make with your underwear in this article.
Six Mistakes You Should Never Make with Underwear

Last update: 27 October, 2020

The underwear protects your most sensitive areas from external aggressions and provides comfort. There are thousands of styles to suit each person. Today’s article will tell you what are the six most common mistakes you should never make with your underwear.

However, the problem is we often let ourselves be led by different fashions and we end up making mistakes that affect our well-being.

Therefore, it’s important to follow a series of recommendations in this regard. Find out what they are in this article.

Mistakes you should never make with your underwear

1. Tight underwear

Wearing tight garments is a mistake you should never make with your underwear.

If you usually wear very tight underwear, you should know it could cause irritation in the area, including in the groin.

For men, is it harmful to testicular health and can even reduce fertility, as suggested by a study conducted by a team from Paul Sabatier University (France).

Choose loose underwear. If you like, you can wear tight underwear on special occasions, but don’t let it become a habit.

2. Thongs

Due to the inevitable rubbing that the string tends to cause, the vagina and anus end up coming into contact because of the string of the back part of the thong. In the case of men, this would only affect the anus.

Try to use them as little as possible. Your skin will appreciate it.

3. One of the mistakes you should never make with your underwear is to use non-breathable fabrics

person putting on underwear and jeans

Underwear should always be made of breathable fabrics so that it is as comfortable as possible. Avoid underwear made of silk or lycra. While they may seem much sexier, you must remember that these fabrics could cause irritation.

The best thing is to choose undergarments made out of cotton, which will help you to avoid infections. As with tight underwear, you can leave the silk and lace for special occasions.

4. Daily changes

Underwear must always be changed every day. Furthermore, special emphasis should be placed on people who are sporty or have sweating problems.

Intimate hygiene is one of the most important processes to be included in any daily routine. Many people take it for granted when it’s a much more relevant issue than they think.

This way, you’ll avoid irritations and infections, according to this research carried out by a team from the Center for the Development of Pharmacoepidemiology in Cuba.

5. One of the mistakes you should never make with your underwear is to sleep with it on

A woman with a white bra.

Do you sleep in underwear? Perhaps you should reconsider it. Additionally, as mentioned in the first study, the excess of heat in the intimate zone can damage the quality of sperm for men.

Don’t forget to let the genitals breathe and transpire as they need to during these hours of rest.

6. Underwear and pockets

Have you ever used your bra to carry money or a piece of paper? What about the top strip of panties or underwear to hold a card? You should know that this could be harmful to your health.

This is harmful to your health because of the number of bacteria that can be found on bills. Although it may seem silly, it’s important not to introduce any objects near sensitive areas. Besides, it’s easier for you to drop it and end up losing it.

Try to always wear pants with pockets or some kind of bag, even if it’s small. This is much more practical and safe than keeping money or cards inside your own underwear.

For those who don’t wear underwear…

If you’re one of those people that don’t wear underwear, you should at least bear in mind a series of hygiene precautions that should never be overlooked. When in direct contact with moisture, your skin may be prone to irritation.

Finally, we recommend you consult your gynecologist or urologist, as they’ll be able to give you the correct guidelines in this regard. Furthermore, there are multiple alternatives that’ll help you avoid the risk of suffering infections. In the same way, if they recommend the use of underwear, you should follow their instructions even if you don’t feel like it.

Currently, there are thousands of different fabrics that can be adapted to your needs and the sensitivity of your skin. Find out which one is best for you and your comfort.

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