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8 Positive Health Changes When You Give up Soft Drinks

Did you know that even light soft drinks affect your metabolism and make you gain weight? When you give them up, you can lose those pounds much more easily.
8 Positive Health Changes When You Give up Soft Drinks

Last update: 31 January, 2019

Drinking sugary soft drinks is an unhealthy habit. With the passage of time, it causes a very negative impact on your body.

However, despite what hundreds of warnings have said about drinking soda, millions of people still prefer it over water and natural drinks.

This appears to be due to its high amount of refined sugars. When your body digests it, it causes an addiction.

Besides, some kinds have caffeine and chemical additives. These make it almost impossible to give them up.

However, it’s important to know that drinking them affects your health. Plus, even though you don’t notice it at first, it’s a strong influence in the main metabolic disorders.

Because of this, in the following article, we want to share 8 interesting positive changes that you can experience with the simple act of avoiding these kinds of drinks.

Discover them!

1. You’ll feel more energy

You’ll feel more energy when you give up soft drinks

Drinking soft drinks increases your blood sugar levels. With this, it plays a role in the appearance of fatigue and concentration problems.

Its chemical compounds affect your cell’s hydration process. Plus, they reduce your ability to oxygenate your tissues.

As a result, you’ll feel more tired and your physical and mental performance will be affected.

2. You’ll prevent dental problems

The acids that these drinks have, in addition to their refined sugars, deteriorate the enamel that protects your teeth and it leaves the susceptible to infections.

With the passage of time, its chemicals cause yellow spots on your teeth. By weakening them, this encourages the appearance of problems like cavities.

3. You’ll lose weight

You’ll lose weight when you give up soft drinks

One of the most interesting benefits of giving up drinking soft drinks is that in just a few days, you’ll start losing weight.

The high levels of sugar that they have are one of the main causes of metabolic diseases. As a result, they make you overweight.

This is also applicable to soft drinks that are labeled “light” or “zero”. This is because, even though it’s true that they have fewer calories, they also start to affect your metabolism.

4. You’ll have fewer cravings

By avoiding soft drinks, your brain starts adapting to healthier drinks little by little. Then, it even reduces cravings for food.

Sugars and artificial sweeteners increase the secretion of hunger hormones. Due to this, it’s normal to want to eat when you drink them.

5. You’ll prevent bone problems

Avoid bone problems

Soft drinks, especially carbonated ones, are bad for your bone health.

  • Their high content of phosphorous and chemical additives reduces the absorption of calcium. This brings with it problems of bone loss.
  • These, at the same time, increase the wearing of your bones. They also drive you towards chronic diseases like osteoporosis.

6. You’ll have good digestive health

While it’s true that many factors influence your digestive health, it’s good to know that giving up soft drinks can help you to avoid problems with your digestive system.

The compounds in soft drinks alter the pH level of your intestinal flora. And, they increase the excess of acidity and gasses.

7. Your skin will look healthier

Your skin will look healthier

Because of their high content of chemical substances and refined sugars, soft drinks can speed up your skin’s cellular deterioration. Thus, this will steer you towards the development of signs of premature aging.

In addition, soft drinks increase the presence of toxins in your blood. By reducing the capacity to oxygenate, they make your skin look drier and dull.

Their impact is so great on your skin health that their effects can be compared with those caused by cigarette toxins.

8.Reduce your risk of suffering from kidney stones

Kidney stones are small rocks made of residual minerals that accumulate in your kidneys. This happens when you can’t get rid of them through your urine.

Their presence obstructs the urinary passageways. Plus, they can cause severe health complications.

Among the main causes, we find dietary habits. This is because some foods increase the effort these organs make.

Sugary drinks, including carbonated ones, are part of a considerable health risk for this disease. This is because they have toxins and chemicals that make it more difficult for your kidneys to clean themselves.

People who drink soft drinks have double the risk of suffering from kidney stones when compared with people who avoid drinking them.

How often do your drink these drinks? If you drink them habitually, keep in mind how much damage they can be to your body and try to avoid them. Instead, increase your consumption of water, juice and other natural drinks.

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