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The Eight Best Oils to Use Against Cellulite

Orange peel looking skin is an aesthetic problem that affects people's self-esteem and so many try to find ways to get rid of it. Today's article will tell you what are the best oils to use against cellulite.
The Eight Best Oils to Use Against Cellulite

Last update: 06 December, 2020

Have you heard about using essential oils against cellulite? Have you ever tried them? Or, you’re still thinking about your options?

There are several types of treatment for various conditions, including cellulite in the field of alternative medicine. The application of natural oils, lotions, and other ointments on the skin are among the most popular.

Furthermore, the effect that some of the ingredients have on the skin is usually highlighted as a reason to use these products. Ok but, are essential oils really as powerful as the industry wants you to believe?

Let’s review the claims in this regard and find out which ones are true when it comes to minimizing the appearance of orange peel.

Are vitamin C and antioxidants a good solution?

A citrus oil.

Many of the natural oils made from some citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon, are sources of vitamin C and some people claim they’re great against cellulite.

However, according to scientific evidence, the inclusion of food rich in vitamin C within a balanced diet is what works.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and thus can improve the health of the skin. In fact, it also supports the process of collagen regeneration. So, include food that’s a high source of this substance in your diet to better take advantage of its health benefits.

Keep in mind that the causes of cellulite are diverse and respond to factors such as hormonal activity, genetics, diet, and lifestyle in general.

Now, it’s possible to minimize cellulite by maintaining healthy habits and, above all, by abandoning sedentary lifestyles. However, people insist on a cure for it, essential oils, in this case.

A cinnamon infusion.

As long as you maintain good habits, it is valid to resort to massages with essential oils to help reduce the appearance of orange peel on your skin. These oils moisturize the skin in-depth mainly and thus, improve its appearance by making it less pronounced.

  • Coconut oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Citrus oils: orange, lime, lemon, etc
  • Cypress oil (also used in aromatherapy for relaxation due to its refreshing smell)

Rosehip essential oils against cellulite

Rose water oils are great against cellulite.

Rosehip oil is widely used in the aesthetic field, not only due to its nice aroma but also because some think it can stimulate tissue regeneration and thus, acts as a healer.

Women use it to reduce scars and stretch marks, although it’s also often included in various products that claim to reduce the appearance of orange peel on your skin.

The benefits of consistently using oils against cellulite

Apply any oil of your choice with a gentle massage, without pressing or pinching your skin. Make sure your hands are clean before applying it so that you can slide them more gently over the skin.

The movement of your hands should be circular, using your fingertips, without applying too much pressure when you do an anti-cellulite massage.

Keep in mind that you must be constant in the application of this product and the massages in order to obtain the best results. It’ll be difficult to obtain the benefits you want otherwise.

In addition, you can also use moisturizing creams and lotions with vitamin C for this purpose. Your physician can advise you on the best treatment for your individual case.

Motivate yourself to get the life you want by maintaining healthy daily habits; you’ll see how soon you reap the benefits. They go beyond getting rid of cellulite …

As a final thought, consult your doctor before applying any essential oils and other similar products to avoid negative side effects if your skin is too delicate, sensitive, or if you have a dermatological disorder.

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