The 8 Best Oils for Fighting Cellulite

07 December, 2019
Since these essential oils deeply penetrate your skin, they help to treat cellulite at the root and fight the problem from the inside.

Do you know about the best oils for fighting cellulite? At an aesthetic level, cellulite is one of the most frequent problems that women face. However, men aren’t exempt from suffering from it too.

Cellulite’s causes are diverse. They have to do with factors like hormones, genetics, diet, and your lifestyle. To fight it, you can choose creams and traditional treatments. Similarly, there is a large variety of natural oils that can encourage the removal or reduction of cellulite.

Essential oils treat cellulite from the root. This is because they help your body to get rid of the toxins that accumulate in the fat cells. Also, they increase your blood circulation and increase the amount of oxygen in your skin cells.

  • Always remember that any of the oils that you choose to use, you need to apply it with a massage every day.
  • The movement should be circular, applied with your fingertips.
  • Above all, your hands need to be clean. The goal is to get the best results.

1. Fennel seed

This is one of the best oils for fighting cellulite and that allows you to detox your body. It gets rid of toxins when they accumulate in your skin.

Fennel is good for increasing your estrogen levels. At the same time, this increases the production of collagen under your skin. This lets it bear the weight of the fat. At the same time, it prevents the formation of cellulite.

2. Citric oils
Lemons and bottles of lemon oils

Vitamin C is present in these oils that encourage the production of collagen. This strengthens the distribution of the connective tissue below your skin. This prevents the increase of weight of the fatty cells. Citric oils from oranges, limes, mandarins, and lemons contribute to a better blood flow.

3. Cypress oil

This oil is extracted from cypress branches and leaves. And, it’s one of the best for taking good care of your skin. Also, it’s usually used in aromatherapy. This is because its refreshing smell brings a relaxing sensation.

  • It has antiseptic, astringent, and diuretic properties. So, it increases lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.
  • Similarly, it helps with skin cleanliness and the removal of toxins.

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4. Geranium oil

Germanium oil to help fight cellulite

This kind of oil appears as a component in creams for treating cellulite. It also helps in clearing up scars and healing wounds. Germanium is not only one of the best oils for fighting cellulite, but it is also great for acne and helping with anxiety.

  • Thanks to its properties, it stimulates your lymphatic system, making it easier to get rid of liquids retained in your body’s tissues.
  • This is highly recommended for preventing cellulite. It is especially true because this oil allows you to regulate your skin hormone and fat levels.
  • Also, it helps to firm your skin.

5. Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil also strengthens your connective tissue, which in turn, increases your skin’s tension. At the same time, it cleans impurities from your skin. Cinnamon oil is a very effective stimulant for your cellulite tissues thanks to its magnesium and potassium content.

So, if you don’t find it or you don’t have cinnamon oil, you can add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your normal oil and you’re ready for an anti-cellulite massage.

6. Birch oil

Birch essential oil

Birch oil has astringent and purifying abilities. As a result, it helps regenerate your skin. This is a great help for getting rid of toxins and retained liquids, including things that cause inflammation in your skin and encourage the appearance of cellulite.

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7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is truly one of the best oils for fighting cellulite and is the most used natural products in almost all beauty routines. It’s ideal for hydrating your skin thanks to its essential nutrients. Further, the nutrients penetrate your skin and help you to fight cellulite.

They also act as a natural firming compound. The compounds of coconut oils have the ability to stimulate elastin and collagen in your skin.

8. Musk rose oil

Musk rose oil

Musk rose oil is used many times for health problems. They are also used in beauty. One of its main uses is for treating cellulite. Due to its high content of fatty acids, vitamin C, and retinoic acid, among others, musk rose oil will:

  • help your body regenerate its tissues. It’s also an effective healing agent.
  • renovate damaged cells. And, it’s also a great help for fighting stretch marks.