8 Benefits of Garlic: One Clove a Day Can Work Wonders!

September 18, 2018

You could say, without a doubt, that garlic is one of the most widely used medicinal remedies out there. It has been known for centuries and is present in nearly all cultures. However, garlic is more than just a spice used in cooking around the world. The truth is that the benefits of garlic are numerous and the effects are often remarkable.

Its sulfur compounds and phytonutrients have made garlic famous since ancient times because they fight illnesses. That’s why it’s generally believed that garlic drives away not only vampires, but also many types of illnesses and disorders too.

So then, what exactly are the benefits of garlic? The truth be told, there are a lot! That’s why in today’s article we’re inviting you to discover the benefits of garlic, and, more specifically, how one clove a day can work wonders.

1. The benefits of garlic for your circulation

Garlic is rich in vitamin B, an essential compound that reduces your homocysteine levels. This substance is responsible for constricting your blood vessels and causing a variety of problems:

  • Firstly, high levels of homocysteine cause your blood to become thicker, creating clots.
  • Secondly, you have an increased risk of a thrombus.
  • And, thirdly, the higher your levels of homocysteine the more likely you are to suffer from coronary artery disease.

Because of that, when you eat garlic on an empty stomach you help to fight these situations.

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2. Garlic, an excellent natural antibiotic

blood cells in the human body
Did you know that during medicinal shortages in World War II they used a lot of garlic?

It’s true! This powerful antibiotic was used back then, and is still used today. And, consequently, eating a clove of garlic on a regular basis can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Firstly, it can strengthen your immune system.
  • It is also used to cure minor infections.
  • It can promote the healing of wounds.
  • And, finally, it can fight colds and the flu.

3. Garlic is great for the liver

The benefits of garlic include its detoxing capabilities. It helps your body eliminate toxins, parasites, and heavy metals like mercury or traces of medications that your liver isn’t able to process.

  • Garlic is rich in vitamins A, B, and C, all of which stimulate liver function.
  • Besides that, it can also fight inflammation, making it a healthy option if you suffer from fatty liver disease.
  • If you wake up every morning with bags under your eyes, a swollen face, and a bad taste in your mouth it’s possible that your liver is overloaded. In these instances, garlic can be helpful.

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4. It’s a good decongestant

Do you suffer from lung problems? If you’re one of those people who, every time you catch a cold, you wind up with your lungs full of phlegm and mucus, then garlic could be a very healthy option for you.

  • Garlic is a natural decongestant and antibiotic for treating lung problems.
  • Also, if you suffer from sinusitis or have a bad cough, you can make a syrup with garlic.

5. Garlic cares for the skin

Woman taking care of her skin
We bet you didn’t know that one of the benefits of garlic is how it can make your skin look more beautiful, smoother, and younger. By eating one clove a day on an empty stomach you can really reap the benefits!

  • Garlic is rich in antioxidants that help protect and regenerate your skin.
  • It stimulates the renewal of cells and fights acne.
  • To take advantage of these benefits all you need to do is eat a clove of garlic on an empty stomach and then drink a cup of water.

6. It reduces cholesterol levels

Garlic contains allicin, a therapeutic substance that cares for your cardiovascular system. The effect is so strong that just one clove a day can reduce your bad cholesterol levels by 9%.

Several studies were conducted to arrive at this conclusion. One was at the Institute of Toxicology at Shandong University (China), where researchers concluded that the cardiovascular benefits were substantial.

In fact, since then the Spanish Heart Foundation has recommended that people include garlic not just for cholesterol reduction but also as a detox agent with antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

7. Do you suffer from anemia? Don’t forget to consume a garlic clove a day

At some point in your life you may suffer from iron deficiency. Why would the addition of garlic to your diet be appropriate?

  • Firstly, it boosts your defenses and protects you from disease.
  • Secondly, it improves blood health and provides multiple vitamins and minerals.
  • And thirdly, it stimulates your body’s production of gastric juices and improves digestion.

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8. It takes care of your digestive system

peeled garlic cloves
We’re not suggesting that you ever eat an entire head of garlic in a day. The key is to keep things in balance and to understand your body.

Some people will feel a little ill after eating a few cloves of garlic, but if you get used to taking it as an alternative form of medication every morning you’ll start seeing the benefits in a few days. As a result, you should experience:

  • Better digestion
  • Increased absorption of nutrients from food thanks to increased stomach acid production.
  • And, finally, an improvement in liver and pancreas function.

When should you avoid eating garlic on a regular basis?

  • Garlic is a natural blood thinner. So, if you’re already taking medication for this, or have problems with clotting, it’s best to avoid consuming it every day.
  • If you suffer from hyperthyroidism, avoid eating garlic every day because it contains large amounts of iodine.
  • If you take any heart medications along with garlic capsules, avoid taking the garlic in the morning.

To sum up then, keep your body balanced, don’t overdo your consumption of garlic, and if you’re in doubt, talk with your doctor first.

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