8 Beauty Tricks for Women with Light Skin

If you have pale skin, besides judging the tones of your makeup, you can also benefit from colored clothes. Combine them to harmonize with your skin tone.
8 Beauty Tricks for Women with Light Skin

Last update: 27 November, 2017

Are you one of many women with light skin? Do you always have problems putting on makeup?

There are times when looking tan is in style. However, you don’t need to fight with your skin tone. Instead, with the right strategies, you’ll get your natural beauty to stand out.

Really, there isn’t one right, pretty, or perfect skin color. Each one is different, unique, and beautiful. You just have to learn how to make the most out of yours.

1. Don’t abuse powdered makeup

One of the first things that ladies with light skin should avoid is powdered makeup.

This can be a great option for fighting oily or mixed skin. However, this will make your skin look powdery and too dull.

The best thing is for you to wear makeup that gives light to your skin. To do this, there are two options:

  • Use mousse makeups. These control oils without leaving traces of powder on your face.
  • BB Cream. BB creams are perfect if your skin is dry and light. These creams offer hydration and a good covering for any imperfections you’re trying to cover.

2. Lips in lively tones that give you color

Tricks for women with light skin

One of the great fears ladies with pale skin have is choosing lipsticks that are too loud. It’s undeniable that reds, pinks, corals and similar colors are difficult to wear.

However, this is the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter what their skin tone is. The key is in making your lips the focal point of your face while accompanying it with a simple makeup.

3. Avoid light-colored eyeshadow

Beige, cream, and skin colored eyeshadows will blend with your skin color and it will look like you forgot about them. Because of this, these colors are only good for lightening the arch of your eyebrows and your lower eyelashes.

For your upper eyelash, it’s a good idea to look for tones that make your skin color pop. If you want a smooth makeup, use neutral colors. However, they should be darker than your skin.

4. Change your eyeliner and mascara from black to brunette

Change your eyeliner and mascara from black to brunette

Classic eyelash mascara is black. However, when you apply too much eyeliner and mascara, you end up looking haggard and increase the lightness of your skin.

If you don’t want to completely get rid of the black, change the black for grey.

Do you want to give some color to your face? Try using brunette eyeliner and mascara. It’ll surprise you how good it makes you look.

5. Choose a good foundation

The color of your foundation is important. It’s very important that you make sure to identify the tone you need to use to make your skin’s lightness more noticeable.

Besides using the right tone, it’s important that you apply the foundation on your neck, too. This will give you a balanced result.

6. Use bronzer and blush for your makeup

Use bronzer and blush for your makeup

With bronzer, you’ll give color evenly to your face. Be sure to apply it with a thick brush to get a natural look. Apply it to areas where you would get suntanned.

Also, blush will help you to have a healthy-looking face. However, ladies with light skin should be very careful. This is because a blush with too much red or pink can make them look sick.

Try a very light pink or peach color.

7. Learn to use contour techniques on your face

The light color of your skin will make your face look formless. Luckily, using light and dark tones with the contour technique lets you define and outline your face.

It’s important that you understand the kind of face that you have. This is because the use of light and dark colors depends on it.

In any case, you’ll never fail if:

  • You apply lightener under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, in the center of your forehead and on your chin.
  • You apply dark tones under your cheeks, around your face, and on the sides of the bridge of your nose.

8. Don’t wear very light clothes or clothes that are the same color as your skin

Don’t use very light clothes or ones that are the same color as your skin

Wearing light clothes generally has the same effect as wearing light eyeshadow: it’ll look like you aren’t wearing anything. Because of this, try to get colors that make your skin pop.

Ladies with light skin don’t need to wear clothes with loud colors. However, it’s necessary to learn to play with colors.

If you like light colors, try pastels. If you want to wear white, you can always make it stand out with accessories.