8 Bad Habits that Affect Your Hair Health

Do you have any of these habits? If you notice one or more, try to correct them as soon as possible so that your hair doesn't suffer the consequences.
8 Bad Habits that Affect Your Hair Health

Last update: 09 November, 2018

If you want strong and shiny hair, remember several care tips that go beyond the use of certain products. Although the treatments we’ll share with you can help revitalize your hair health, your lifestyle can also have an impact on how it looks.

There are certain habits that can cause severe deterioration because they lead to dehydration, a loss of nutrients, and certain problems that are difficult to resolve.

Unfortunately, many people overlook these and never think that they could be causing their hair health problems at the end of the day.

In today’s article, we’ve compiled the eight worst habits for your hair that it’s best to avoid.

Find out what they are!


Hair Health
The regular consumption of cigarettes doesn’t just negatively impact your respiratory health. This habit increases the presence of toxins in your bloodstream and has a negative effect on your skin and hair.

These toxins become concentrated in your blood and prevent your hair follicles from functioning properly.

Excess hair loss and difficulty with hair growth are some of the consequences.

2-Avoid exposure to stress

Avoid exposure to stress

Stress has a direct impact on your emotional health. It can lead to imbalances in both physical and psychological aspects.

One of the consequences of stress is weakening of the hair.

Stressed people may experience excessive hair loss, severe outbreaks of dandruff, or prematurely gray hair.

3-Pulling it back while wet

Pulling it back while wet
Many women have the habit of tying their hair up while it’s still wet.

Although this might seem harmless at first, it can eventually lead to problems that are tough to solve.

A wet scalp and hair are prone to fungi and dandruff if they’re not given the proper time to dry.

Sometimes this situation can weaken the roots and cause excessive hair loss.

4-Washing your hair with hot water

woman showering

Sometimes, cold water is just too cold to bear and you have to take a really hot shower. If this is a recurring habit, however, you can do significant damage to your hair.

High temperatures open the pores of the scalp and affect the health of your hair and its follicles.

After a few days, it alters the normal production of oils and leads to excess dryness.

5-Too much sun exposure

Sun exposure
Like your skin, your hair should be protected against the effects of the sun. While you might not notice the damage, ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect its appearance and ability to grow normally.

Long-term exposure without protection increases the loss of strength and elasticity.

It’s important to wear a hat to minimize the impact of this habit.

6-Using hair dryers and curling irons

Using hair dryers and curling irons

There’s no doubt that these products can help you achieve the perfect hairstyle in a few minutes. Excessive use of hair dryers and curling irons is one of the main causes of hair damage, however.

These damage the protective cuticle around hair strands and affect their internal structure.

Regular use produces dryness, split ends, and other problems that make your hair look lifeless.

7-Too much hair dye

Too much hair dye
Hair dye can change your look completely. Yes, it may look amazing at first. But how good is it to dye your hair regularly?

Hair dye involves an aggressive chemical process that can lighten your hair up to seven shades. Over time, this damage adds up.

You shouldn’t lighten your hair more than four times a year and always do so under the supervision of a professional.

8-Scratching your scalp

For some reason, some people have the habit of scratching their scalp throughout the day. This may be due to stress or because of a pH imbalance.

The problem with this habit is that it impacts the living cells within the roots.

By scratching them constantly, the damage is increased.

If its origin is dandruff or a skin disease, it is essential to go to the specialist.

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