7 Weight Loss Tricks

· October 20, 2014

When someone wants to lose weight, they oftentimes rely on certain activities and methods that, instead of helping reduce the problem, actually make it get worse and can possibly produce serious consequences

In general, people will do a countless amount of things to lose weight, which makes them fall into a yo-yo effect that puts their health in danger. Because you may possibly gain and lose weight uncontrollably, and this could have results that aren’t so good (stretch marks, cellulite, flaccidity, digestive problems, etc.).

If you really want to lose weight quickly, the best thing you can do is consult a professional that knows about endocrine. If you accept a strange treatment from a center or don’t do blood tests to determine if you can undergo treatment or not, you won’t get any good solutions and it can also affect your health. You should avoid eating certain foods to avoid gaining weight or increase your consumption of other types of food with the hope that those won’t worsen the situation.

It’s necessary to see a specialist for serious cases of obesity or simply if you want to reduce some foods from your daily diet to prevent weight gain over time.

In any case, there is a series of rules that can help you with your objective to lose weight that won’t have any health consequences. Here are some weight loss tricks to help you get rid of those extra pounds.

7 Tricks to Lose a Few More Pounds


  1. Spend time with people that lead a healthy and active lifestyle. This will motivate you to make your own exercise routine and your own healthy diet.
  2. Instead of taking the elevator to go up or down floors, try to take the stairs at a quick pace. This will keep your cardiovascular system in optimum condition.
  3. If you would like, go to bed without eating anything. This will help you rest much better and also lose weight. But if you don’t want to, you can cook a healthy dinner and eat early.
  4. Try to eat small meals. This will help your body get accustomed to small quantities and get full quicker.
  5. Try to drink a half liter of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will bring you tons of benefits.
  6. Look in the mirror and visualize how you want your body to be. This will help you make a plan to meet a goal that you can follow and achieve quickly.
  7. It may seem somewhat strange, but it is completely normal and true: an active sex life is very good for burning calories. It is also great for your mental health.